3-awesome homeschool resources

We have homeschooled James and Lauren for the past 13 years. It hasn’t always been easy and it may never be completely easy, but it has really been worth it. We’ve been able to focus on each child’s interests. James loves accounting and World War II history. He could spend hours studying those things. Lauren on the other hand loves to write and read. She spends hours doing these two things year round. James likes to have me next to him when he’s learning something new. He’s very visual. Lauren prefers to read the book, answer the questions and move at her own pace – which is pretty quick. Both ask questions when they need to, but they each learn in their own way and at their own pace.

It took us awhile to get into our pattern and schedule of home educating and as I mentioned, in the beginning it was very difficult. Kindergarten was our hardest year – not because of the material, but because I didn’t know how to teach and James wasn’t used to seeing me as mom and teacher. I also put a lot of pressure on him instead of making it fun. It was a complete disaster. Once we got past that first year we were able to settle down into a schedule that worked for both of us.

My point in all of this is to say that if you are considering homeschooling, then DO IT. Patience is not a virtue of mine and probably never will be. I work hard at having patience but when we started 13 years ago I had NONE. Seriously. Poor Bubba. I know it was a rough year. But, we both learned a lot and moved forward. That’s the key. Trial and error are major factors in homeschooling. But don’t worry. Even though you are working through the kinks of homeschooling they are still learning.

Here are 3 AWESOME homeschooling resources that new homeschoolers can use. These are fantastic ebooks and articles that will help any new homeschooling family – or even those that just need a re-boot.









  • Homeschool Welcome Basket from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
  • This Welcome Basket contains over 59¬†free e-Books on homeschooling plus inspiration for homeschooling parents
  • It’s either FREE for the e-Books or you can pay a small shipping fee and receive not only the e-Books but also some physical items and resources in the mail



  • The Homeschool Minute newsletter is a FREE resource offered by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.
  • Contains weekly encouragement for homeschooling parents on every topic imaginable
  • Delivered to your inbox each Wednesday morning



  • SchoolhouseTeachers.com is a FABULOUS membership site.
  • Over 300 different classes for the entire family
  • First month is $1 and then you can either pay $12.95 monthly or $139 for the entire year.
  • We’ve used this site for both James and Lauren and it is awesome
  • Classes include math, science, literature, and TONS of electives
  • Classes range from pre-K through 12th
  • Plus members get the digital Schoolhouse Planners for FREE!

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