It’s also good to have an Algebra review, regardless of how old you are! I had the opportunity to review a one year Single Membership from CTCMath. Although they have many options available, I chose Algebra I.

algebra review

General Overview

  • Homeschool family rates are 60% off + 6 bonus months
  • Online videos/tutorials for each lesson + online questions + printable worksheets
  • Full math curriculum for grades K-8 but can be used as a supplement for grades 9-12
  • Automatic grading
  • Reports for parents to see how students are progressing and where they need work

algebra review 2

How We Used This Program

I started off by watching the tutorial video (so that I would understand how best to use this program). Trust me … that’s always a smart way to go.

I signed up as the parent so I could see both what the mama/teacher sees as well as what the student sees. When I log in as the parent, I can assign tasks to the student, browse the lessons (for every single subject covered), add a student, monitor my student’s progress, and see all of my student’s activity (like when she’s logged in, what videos she has watched, how long she spent, the dates/times, etc.). I think this is phenomenal data, especially in our household where I check my daughter’s work every few days to make sure she’s still on track and see if she needs help with anything. I can also switch to the student view and see things from my student’s perspective.

To have the student’s work calculated and actually count, the student needs to be signed in as the student. Or, you can sign in as the parent and switch to the student. Either way, in order for the student’s work to count, they MUST BE signed in as the student, not as the parent. I hope that makes sense!

The Algebra I courses are divided into 4 different parts:

  • Part 1 covers Number Review I; Number Review II; and Algebra Review
  • Part 2 covers Intro, Algebraic Equations; Factoring; Simultaneous Equations
  • Part 3 covers Monomials and Polynomials; Inequalities and Absolute Values; Algebraic Fractions
  • Part 4 covers Coordinate Geometry; Functions, Relations and Variations; Radicals; Quadratic Equations; Univariate Data I; Univariate Data II
algebra review screenshot 2
One of the questions in Part 2

Each part is then divided into separate sections that go into more detail. For example, Number Review I in Part 1 has 16 different lessons. Each lesson contains a short video. The student watches the video and then answers the online questions. If the student makes at least an 80%, then she can move on to the next lesson within that section. The student can also jump around. I started out with Part I but became bored so I switched to Part 2. I also wanted to see how the videos were in each part.

I found the videos to be informative and interesting. The lessons are explained in an easy to understand way. The online format is easy to maneuver and figure out. I haven’t found anything that I didn’t really like in this program. It’s very straight forward and interesting.

algebra review screenshot 1
Tracking Info showing what the student has taken and her grades

I like that the questions are automatically graded and I can see what my grade is pretty quickly. This makes for easy grade recording (which will be great for teachers with multiple students).

Considering that the Algebra I is considered supplemental material, I would suggest using it as a refresh course for a student preparing for the SAT. It covers some basic algebra problems and can help solidify a few concepts that are on the SAT.

Final Thoughts

Not sure if you want to invest in the full algebra program just yet? That’s cool. CTCMath offers a free trial. You will have access to the first lesson of each topic, with no time constraints/limits. This is a great opportunity to see how the program works before you invest any money into it.

If my kids were still taking math classes, this is one program that I would highly recommend for them. I like the format, the short videos, and the online questions and quick grading. This course would have made my life a LOT easier!!!

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