I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Brinkman Adventures audio missionary drama review, specifically Brinkman Adventures Season 4. These adventure stories are based on true missionary experiences. Exciting, full of adventure and ways that show how we can each impact the world…one person at a time.

audio missionary drama

General Overview

The Brinkman Adventures is a series of true (well, based on true events) and modern missionary stories. They are told through a cast of characters – the Brinkman family – and sometimes even the REAL missionaries themselves (or those that have been “rescued” by the missionaries).

There are currently five seasons available, each season contains 12 episodes, with the fifth season containing six episodes.

Prices range anywhere from $19.99 to $31.99.

How I Used This Program

I love a good audio series and this one is very family friendly. Season 4 begins with the Brinkman family attending (and eventually leading) a missionary camp. Each episode can stand on its own, if you wanted to study missionaries from different areas. Perhaps you’re studying the Middle East, India, Russia, or some other country. You could easily play one of these episodes for your student and incorporate a missionary tale into your studies.

My favorite story is Heart Song. It’s based in Russia where a husband wants to teach his son from the Bible, where it is illegal to do so. All people are to attend state churches, but it’s too far for Dmitri to travel with his family. His small church grows and expands to 50 people in his home every week. The state gets wind of his home church and he is imprisoned for years. During his time in prison, he sings his morning Heart Song to Jesus and writes Bible verses on whatever he can find and posts them on the wall. Through many trials in prison, Jesus continues to shine through and protect him. It’s a beautiful story of Christ’s never ending love for us. I don’t want to give away the ending, though. It’s a beautiful story. Several of these episodes have almost brought me to tears. Seriously. I just love how Jesus shines through each of the missionaries’ stories and events.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this season. The writing and acting was good and believable. God is always shining through and you can even hear stories of modern missionaries. God is amazing and His love and will truly shine through these missionary stories.

We live such a sheltered life, free to worship God as we please in whatever way we please. To hear how Christians are punished in other countries is eye opening. We hear about martyrs, but how many of us have ever really considered what it means to be a Christian outside of the United States? While listening to these episodes, I’m encouraged by the courage of these people.

I highly recommend this season (and all the seasons if they are anything like this one) to anyone who likes adventure, drama, and God at the center of it all. You really can’t lose…and your children will thoroughly enjoy them.

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