We loved reading Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family. It contains all the components of a great comic – humor, action, character-building components, truth, and a good guy that defeats evil.

Captain Absolutely Review

General Overview

  • Price: $9.99
  • Paperback
  • Written by Focus on the Family
  • 105 pages
  • Amazing graphics with rich color

How We Used The Book

Considering that this was a comic book, I handed it to my daughter to read and review. Here are her thoughts:

“It’s sarcastic and entertaining. It had really good graphics. It’s about how Captain Absolutely defeats all these bad guys who are like, either twisting the Word of God or are using people’s fear. For example, Doctor Relative makes these gadgets that turn people’s fears into reality. The bad guys use the people’s fears and doubts against them – loneliness, anger, and others. Captain Absolutely gets a sidekick, Hannah, who helps him combat the bad guys. And, Captain Absolutely uses Bible quotes to defeat his enemies. Overall, it’s a good Christian comic book. But, my favorite part was the end…” But, I can’t tell you the end because that would spoil it for the rest of you. 🙂

From a parent’s point of view, this is a witty, Christ-centered comic. I love that there is little violence and that all the spiritual truths have Biblical references so that readers can find them in the Bible. I think that’s a beautiful touch. It starts out with Dr. Relative (the evil dude), a nasty villain who likes to spread relativism (which is running rampant in the world today). But, there are other villains out there, including Edward Snooze, Fear Chemist, and Twisted Tailor (who switches out modest clothing for immodest clothes). You just gotta love the names. I appreciate how the comic explains what it is in terms that children can understand. Captain Absolutely is based on the absolute truth of God’s Word. I love that.

Overall, I think is a great way for kiddos to spend some time reading. The graphics are amazing. The story line is spot on and completely relevant for children/teens today. I highly recommend this book. And, the fact that it’s from Focus on the Family is helpful, too. I have never seen them produce anything that wasn’t God-centered, including Captain Absolutely (which is a character from Adventures in Odyssey).

Final Thoughts

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