James is now a man at 18 years old. We’ve somewhat “missed the mark” of celebrating this fact, but I don’t think it’s too late. Celebrating Manhood: a rite of passage guide by the Home School Adventure Co. was a great reminder to me of why and how we should be celebrating this rite of passage. I’m so pleased that I had a chance to review this guide, as it’s really going to help us, as a family, celebrate this stage in James’ life.

Celebrating Manhood

General Overview

  • Print edition: $18.95
  • Digital edition: $14.95 – 37 pages
  • Either edition can be purchased at www.homeschooladventure.com
  • I reviewed the digital edition which was sent to me as a .pdf

Celebrating Manhood – a rite of passage guide is just that – a guide on how you can create an evening of manly fellowship with your son as the focus. Think of it as a way for your son to connect with men, doing men things…in a way that creates bonds and forges friendships and mentors. The author suggests doing this around 14-15 years of age, but I imagine that it could be done as late as the senior year in high school…like us.

The guide provides:

  • A general overview of why this rite of passage is so important
  • Suggestions of how many men to invite – and recommendations for how to choose these men
  • A sample menu
  • Invitation sample
  • Question cards
  • Suggestions for how you, the mom, should be part of this evening

How We Used the Guide

This guide is written for those young men who are right around the age of 14+. Since James is 18 and is almost finished with high school, we kind of missed our opportunity. However, he is graduating in May so I plan on incorporating a few of the author’s suggestions into his graduation party.

For example, the question cards include some really interesting, thought-provoking questions. If you have the opportunity to create a Manhood evening for your son, these cards can provide a lot of insight into your son’s mentors backgrounds. When you really get to know someone and what they’ve faced in his life, you can really learn from that person. You can feel a connection with them – that they have a wisdom you may not have. Even at 40+ years old, I have older friends that I talk to about what’s going on in my life – seeking wisdom from those who may have experienced the same thing. They can provide wisdom I have yet to learn in some areas. The same is true for our sons. Choose the men who attend your son’s manhood event wisely.

For us, I plan on printing the question cards and adding some of them to the invitations that we mail. I know everyone will not be able to attend James’ graduation party, but the question cards can still be a way for them to participate and to send him advice and suggestions. And, if I can get the invitations out early enough, those that can’t attend will have time to answer and return the form (or send me an email with their info). And, for those that do attend, I’ll have some printed and will leave on a table for guests to complete. Then, James can go back and read through the answers and gain some wisdom and insight in the process.

We aren’t planning a large grauation party, so with the few that are present, there can still be the opportunity to share life experiences, suggestions, and wisdom for our graduate.

Final Thoughts

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