We have had an eventful few weeks. We were supposed to close on our home in the middle of August – and then the rains came … and it rained…and rained… and rained…for about a week. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem, but one of the stipulations of closing on our new home was that the sod needed to be put down in our front yard. So, while it rained here, it flooded in Houston … where the grass was growing and still needed to be cut. So, we waited. God was definitely working on my patience levels … and I’m counting my blessings, day by day.

In the midst of waiting and living out of boxes, I had an eye appointment with a specialist to determine if I really did have glaucoma. And yes, I do … and perhaps a tumor behind my eye. Oh, yes. I kid you not. We scheduled an MRI of my brain on the following Monday and it was delayed because the power went out over the weekend to the machine and it was overheating. We re-scheduled for Tuesday … and postponed it again. The machine still wasn’t working. So, Wednesday morning I was finally able to have the MRI (yay!) and found out later that morning that the results were negative for any tumors. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! And, our grass was installed that same day (double yay!).

It was a week or two of complete upheaval. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to even close on the home after paying cash for the MRI, fixing the transmission and front end of our only vehicle, and then making sure that we had enough in the bank for closing costs.

I was stressed. A little moody (okay, quite a bit moody), but my sweet husband kept reminding me that God was in control. And He is. This was just another reminder to me that God is always in control and I’m never alone. He is always with me … even when I doubt and wonder and ask Him if He’s even there listening to me. ┬áIt’s all in God’s timing. I do know He’s there and yes, He does listen to me, but boy, oh boy … I needed this lesson.

So, one week later, we have closed on our home, moved in, and are settling in. It’s a beautiful home and I walk around just thanking God for all of His goodness and mercies, for His healing hands, and for all of my blessings. Yes, I still have glaucoma, but with eye drops and care, I’ll be OK and my sight won’t get worse. Definitely counting my blessings!

How has God been working in your life?

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