Learning to Love Art Again with Creating a Masterpiece {a Review}!

Art is the way we can express ourselves without saying a single word. Feelings and emotions can be conveyed with brush strokes and colors, lines and spaces, and birds and landscapes, or even through abstract creations. I think that’s why I’ve really enjoyed reviewing Creating A Masterpiece’s Monthly Plan. It’s been a true joy learning new techniques, honing my rusty art skills, and trying new media.

Creating a Masterpiece

General Overview

  • The monthly plan costs $39.99 which includes:
    • Unlimited family access to 144+ projects
    • Additional videos and tips
    • Online lessons
  • Families will need to purchase supplies (each lesson has a list of supplies and links to order them)
    • Sharon (the art instructor) strongly enourages the use of high quality materials, which can be on the pricey side, depending on which projects you want to create. We opted to use mid-grade materials due to budget constraints. And, while the projects could have turned out better with higher quality, we are still very pleased with the results.

    Creating a Masterpiece


     How We Used The Monthly Plan

    My daughter, Lauren, and I have each tried a lesson. I love roosters and my dining room walls are graced with them. So, I wanted to try the Country Rooster. Voila! Here’s my Country Rooster, which is a level 2 soft pastel project.

    Creating a Masterpiece Review

    And here’s my work in progress:

    Creating a Masterpiece Review
    This is my rooster at the end of one of the first video lessons.
    Creating a Masterpiece Review
    My work station at the dining room table.
    Creating a Masterpiece Review
    And, here’s my rooster about halfway through.
    Creating a Masterpiece Review
    And, here he is again about 3/4 finished.


    And, Lauren made the Baby Blue Bird, a level 1 soft pastel project.

    Creating a Masterpiece Review

    Creating a Masterpiece Review
    I believe this is right after the lesson 1 video.

    The Country Rooster consisted of 3 separate lessons. Then, within each lesson are 2-3 different videos. Each video lasted no more than 10 minutes. For example, Lesson 1 had a three separate, smaller video segments. I like this set up as it was easy to stop and take break. And, it also allowed me time to finish each lesson and work on a step before moving onto the next. I did stop the videos a few times during the video to finish a portion of my project. The instructor, Sharon Hofer, strongly advises stopping when you need to catch up, perfect a section, or finish the lesson before moving on.

    Overall, it took me about 30-45 minutes to complete the rooster. I didn’t think that was too long. However, if this were a younger student it would definitely take a bit longer. But, as I mentioned, being able to stop the video and take a break can be very beneficial to younger students.

    Lauren’s Baby Blue Bird took her about the same time – 30 minutes. Her level one project consisted of four videos. She breezed through this lesson as well.

    We found that working with soft pastels is much easier than other media (paint, charcoal, etc.) and thoroughly enjoyed the lessons as they were so easy to follow. What I really appreciate is that Sharon is super patient in her presentation and very encouraging…which I think would be very helpful to younger students. Truth be told, they were very helpful to me, a 40-something mama. The lessons are short enough to keep my attention and easy enough to follow along.

    Sharon also provides a supply list as well as links on where to purchase the supplies – which is also broken down by how many students you have. This is truly beneficial to those with multiple children, or perhaps teaching in a group setting like a homeschool co-op.

    Thanks for reading the Creating a Masterpiece review. It was my pleasure to re-ignite a once dormant passion in my life. I’ll definitely be working on more projects over the next few months. 🙂

    Final Details

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    Here is a sampling of some other students’ artwork, all using Creating a Masterpiece!

    Creating a Masterpiece

    Creating a Masterpiece

    Creating Beautiful Art at Home {Creating A Masterpiece Reviews}

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