Looking for a little fun? Check out Planet 316’s Daily Bible Jigsaw. This is probably one of the funnest reviews I’ve ever done. Life can be somewhat crazy, but I found the Daily Bible Jigsaw to be a much needed respite.

daily Bible jigsaw review

General Overview

  • Online jigsaw puzzle
  • Various formats include:
    • iOS devices
    • Google Play (for Android phones, tablets)
    • Facebook
  • Free puzzle every day
  • Earn extra coins or purchase them for $39.99 (or less)

How We Used This Product

I’m on my computer a lot, so I simply added the game to my Facebook account and played when I needed a break. Adding the game to Facebook was pretty easy. You can also use it in Facebook Gameroom, which is similar to the Steam platform for PC gamers.

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Each day you can play a new puzzle for free. The puzzles are beautiful with bright colors, fun pictures, and once the puzzle is solved, a Bible verse completes the final picture.

Within each puzzle is also a bonus puzzle piece that, if used while it’s sparkling and shiny, you can earn extra coins. The coins can be used to sweep the puzzle pieces to the side of the screen, remove all the interior pieces and only have the edge pieces in play (when you first start), or you can use option to rotate all the pieces to the correct position (so you don’t have to rotate them at all). All of these little things can help increase your puzzle-solving time. The better the time, the higher up in the game rankings you go. You can also challenge your friends.

Below is one of the puzzles I completed. See how pretty it is? You can also see the “Sweep”, “Magnet” and “Edges” options at the top of the screen. Your time is displayed to the right of the screen and how many coins you have are available on the left.

Daily Bible Jigsaw Review

When you’re finished with a puzzle, you’ll also be given a chance to share the final image on your Facebook page. I do this as a way to spread God’s love and His Word. I get a few minutes of “downtime” and then share God’s Word with the world. What can be better than that?

Daily Bible Jigsaw Review-puzzle

I’ve also been receiving newsletters from Planet 316 with tips on how to finish the puzzles in faster time. I appreciate that because it shouldn’t take me 9 minutes to complete a 56 piece bonus puzzle. I didn’t get to finish a puzzle the other night (after 9 minutes) so I quit. This morning I swept the board, rotated the pieces and only played with the edges and finished the puzzle in less than 5 minutes. Much better!

In addition, play Tourney’s with your friends and see how you’re ranked each week. You can also click on the “calendar” feature when you’re finished with a puzzle and go to previous months to complete other puzzles. Remember, you only get one puzzle each day for free (you can also play the bonus puzzles for free). But, you can always go back and find previous puzzles and complete those with coins as well.

If you’re looking for something to ease the tension of the day and only have a few minutes before you need to do something else, definitely download Daily Bible Jigsaw to your phone, tablet, or even on your PC (for Facebook). You’re going to love the beautiful puzzles and God’s Word.

Final Thoughts

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