A Day in the life of our homeschoolAside from our projects, we also homeschool our two children.  James will be entering the 7th grade and Lauren will be entering the 4th grade this fall.  We try to maintain the same curriculum from one year to the next, although it seems we’re always trying new English curriculum.  Here are a few of the programs that we absolutely love:

These are really the only programs that we continue to use each year.  We’ve used multiple Language Arts programs.  This year we’re trying Total Language Plus.  James will start with the book  The Hobbit and Lauren is going to start with the book My Side of the Mountain.  This curriculum takes a child through the entire book incorporating writing, literature, spelling, grammar, etc.  I’m pretty excited to try this one.  We’ll see how it works!!

For Latin this year we’re sticking with Memoria Press but we’re moving to the Henle Unit I series (see our review here).  We’ll see how this goes.  Now that they’ve had two years of Latin already this should be a little more of a challenge but still understandable and easy to maneuver through.

James is going to study current events this year and each week write a paper on some current “hot topic” of the week.  I hope that this will get him more interested in what’s going on in the news as well as help him to stay current on the affairs of the nation, etc.

Lauren will continue with her journal writing.  Both children will also be studying history and geography.  I’m still working out which program on these two subjects.

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