A well-planned internship can be a great way for a high school student to explore a possible career path and Apologia Educational Ministries has created Internship for High School Credit to walk students and parents through the process of a high school internship. It’s not difficult to earn high school credit for an internship. This book really helped me learn how to do this for my daughter.

high school credit for internship

General Information

  • Price: $33
  • Softcover, spiral-bound physical book

How We Used This Program

We have two children, one that just graduated and the other will be a high school sophomore (almost 16). My daughter is considering a degree in criminal law, either as a defense attorney or prosecutor. She’s not sure which one at this point. So, this is the PERFECT opportunity for her to work towards an internship with a local law firm.

The material is broken down into five sections:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Information for Parents
  3. First Semester
  4. Second Semester
  5. Course Wrap-Up

As described in the introduction, this book is written specifically for high school students, with the exception of one section for the parents. It is a hands-on approach to writing a resume and letter of introduction (aka cover letter), researching fields of interest, contacting businesses for an internship, how to interview, logging the student’s hours, and more. The book even includes a sample resume and a sample letter of introduction to help your student get started.

The section for parents is extremely valuable information concerning child labor laws and even encourages parents to contact the potential employer (since your child is a minor) because you are entrusting your child into someone else’s care. Check out the companies and employers your child is applying to so that you know the character of the people involved. I LOVE this idea! This section also explains in detail how to document the internship on the transcript, calculating the number of credits, and grading.

In the first semester, not only will your child need to research and find the internship, but she will also be responsible for weekly activities, including answering questions on practices within the company (see below for an example):

earn high school credit for an internship

And, she will also need to document her hours:

earn high school credit for an internship

These are important steps to determine if your daughter (or son) has completed the necessary hours for the internship to count as a half credit or a full credit. If your child is able to work a second semester, there really are not that many additional questions, but she will be responsible for writing a paper every two weeks about what she is learning.

And, there is a midterm evaluation form that the supervisor is to complete. This will also let you and your child know how she is doing as an intern and what skills she is gaining (also important to use in updating her resume post-intern).

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a thorough hands-on program that any high school student should go through. It’s practical, real-world experience to see if your child even wants to pursue this field after high school. It’s laid out in a practical approach to starting, working through, and completing an internship.

Coming from the Human Resources field (many years ago), learning just to write a resume is important, let alone going through the interview process. These are real-world skills that EVERYONE should know. Homeschool students have a distinct advantage of being able to spend the time working towards his or her career of choice while still in school. Even though high school students may not have much experience (or any) in a professional environment, this course walks students through the full experience of how to pull their school experiences and accomplishments into the resume. I really appreciate this. I can’t tell you how many times I reviewed resumes from college graduates who had NO real world job experience (AT ALL) and wanted to come out of college making $60K in their first job. Sorry, but that’s just not logical or realistic.

earn high school credit for an internshipStart your homeschool children’s job experiences early. I strongly encourage you to purchase this book, Internship for High School Credit, as it is a great basis for establishing job experience EARLY so that when your child does graduate from high school, she has marketable skills to get a real job in the real world. I can’t stress that enough. Earning your way through the ranks is much more valuable to an employer than an entitled person who wants entitled pay without the experience to back it up. Just sayin’…


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