Let the Little Children Come has nailed it with Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack for children. These evangelism tracts are PERFECT for reaching and teaching younger children about the Gospel.

evangelism tracts

General Overview

  • US$ 11.95 (1 – 10 packs)
  • US$ 10.95 (11 – 20 packs)
  • US$ 9.95 (21 packs or more)

The sampler pack arrived with 10 different tracts and tools to use with younger children. The pack included animated tracts, pop-up tracts, wordless bracelet kit, animated Christmas tract, and several others.

evangelism tracts
Lost Easter Egg Pop Up Tract
evangelism tracts
Salvation Bracelet

How We Used These Evangelism Tracts

evangelism tracts
Wordless Bracelet

There are so many options for these tracts. The Wordless Bracelet Kit could be given to an older child in your neighborhood or at church who could put the bracelet together and even wear it. It’s a constant reminder of the grace of God and the Gospel message. What a great way to reach others just by wearing something you made!!

The Salvation Bracelet (see image above) could simply be worn every single day. When someone comments on it you can share the Gospel with them with simply saying something like this:

Thanks for asking about my bracelet! The yellow reminds me that God loves us so much that He wants us to be in heaven with Him. But, the black is there to show me that I am a sinful person and those sins separate me from God. Red reminds me that God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth to die for me on the cross. The white reminds me that I believe in Jesus and because I do, I am made white as snow. My sins are forgiven. The green shows me that I need to continue growing my relationship with Jesus. Would you like to know how to do that, too?

You could pass out the other tracts at Christmas or Easter to neighbors, children’s events, or at pre-school events at your church (like Sunday School).

There are numerous ways to use these simple tracts with youngsters. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Final Thoughts

Check out the previous review I wrote on Let the Little Children Come’s Halloween Tract Review for additional ways to evangelize to children.

I would highly recommend looking at the other tracts and items that Let the Little Children Come offers. And as always – connect with them on Facebook!

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