We are preparing for one of Lauren’s last years of homeschooling. How did we get here? Our fall semester 2017 contains 5 courses plus a few things she needs to finish from last semester. By rights she is entering her junior year in high school (at the tender age of 15).

Here are the courses that we’re focusing on this fall:

Once she’s finished with this semester, her final year will start in the fall of 2018 where she’ll only have 2 courses left to finish:

  • Physics
  • Economics (which we’ll probably also use SchoolhouseTeachers.com)
  • English course at UMHB in the fall
  • Additional UMHB dual enrollment courses in the spring

We are in the final stages of Lauren’s homeschool adventure. It’s such a weird transition from educating two children to now educating one…and even then she knows exactly what to do so I’m really in a grading/supervisory role at this point.

We just scheduled Lauren to take the SAT in early October and depending on how she does we may schedule her to take it again in November or December. We’ll see how it goes. Prayers please! The cool thing is that Lauren already knows where she wants to go to college and we already know what they require to get in.

We always sit down with the kids a few months before the school year and figure out where they are, what they have left, and what courses/programs they want to use. For example, while Lauren does have to take an English course, she had a few options as to which course she would take: Shakespeare Tragedies, Charles Dickens, or perhaps an essay writing course with a few novels and essays thrown in. She opted for Shakespeare Tragedies. I much prefer this method as this means Lauren is having a say in what she gets to study, which makes it more of an investment on her part and something she wants to learn, not something I’m forcing her to learn. We discovered this bright idea many years ago. If the kids were able to study something that interested them and they received credit for it, then it was much less of a battle to get them to work on it during the school year. Half of our battle was over before it even began.

When she and I sat down together this weekend, we discovered that she really only has a few courses left. And, if she really focused she could even be finished and graduate in December 2018. That’s extremely early. We are still considering this, although I think it would make sense for her to finish out another semester before graduating to at least get in a few college credits for dual enrollment. We shall see what happens this year!

In the meantime, we now are figuring out when to start school. We usually don’t start until after Labor Day, but this year we may start earlier so that she can have a longer summer next year. That’s the beauty of homeschooling – it’s all up to us as to what we study, when we start, when we stop, etc. As long as the material is covered and the work is done, that’s really what counts.

I would love it if you would pray for us this year. Educating our children at home has always been our priority and one we take very seriously. Now that we are down to the final year or two, we have a lot going on that just needs to be bathed in prayer. Thank you!