Our search for a Chemistry curriculum has ended with General Chemistry from Novare Science & Math. We went through two chemistry programs with my oldest, but based on what I’ve seen so far with General Chemistry, we have found the right one for my daughter. We were so blessed to receive this program to review!


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General Information

  • Second edition has just been released (Price $90)
  • There are a few first edition books available for $60
  • Physical book
  • Additional resource CD contains answers to tests and quizzes for each lesson ($50)

How We Used This Program

I have to be honest (which is usually the best policy), but chemistry is not my strong suit. I took it in high school and that’s about the extent of it … with the exception of the year my oldest went through chemistry. Let me just say we switched programs a few times and didn’t seem to find the right fit. Science that year was a bust.

I am super excited about General Chemistry from Novare Science & Math. Seriously. Excited. Our traditional method of schooling involves Lauren reading material and then testing her on that material. She typically just takes things and runs with them. It’s how she learns best. However, considering our unhappy history with chemistry, I was a bit leery.

I was so wrong. The material is easier to understand. She LOVES how he explains problems. “It’s not like overloading the sensories with information,” says Lauren. 🙂 “He goes into detail in an easy to understand way, but it’s still a challenge.” Score one for Novare Science & Math!

I also want to point out that the resource CD (although we received the CD material as downloadable content) has all the tests, quizzes, answer keys, a lesson schedule and calendar, and recommendations for teaching General Chemistry. The tests are not too difficult but they do require intimate knowledge of the material.

Personally, I found the material to be so much easier to understand than other chemistry programs. And, I like that it incorporates not just reading, but WRITING (as in writing lab reports). It encompasses more than just a chemistry program, but rather a comprehension and writing program as well.

The one thing that I didn’t really appreciate is that an additional book would need to be purchased for the chemistry experiments (Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home). For homeschoolers on a budget, a full chemistry program would cost approximately $168. That might exceed most homeschool budgets. That’s just something to keep in mind. And, most students are required to have science classes with labs, so it really isn’t an option.

With that being said, I do like this program and we will continue it in the fall to complete Lauren’s high school science requirements. I’m just truly thankful that we had the opportunity to review this program! It solves one of the problems we were facing for next year.

Final Thoughts

What I really appreciate most is that this program is faith-based. It’s not just based on facts, numbers, and math equations, but it is centered around God’s Kingdom. Any science program that is easy to understand (and still challenging) AND is focused on God’s Kingdom is a win in my book.

I also want to point out that Novare Science & Math recommends Introductory Physics BEFORE this program. If your student has taken Algebra II then he/she should be ready for General Chemistry. Just keep that in mind before ordering.

Novare Science & Math offers other science programs as well including Introductory Physics, Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home, and Science for Every Teacher. If your student is not yet in chemistry, check out these other programs.

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