With Halloween fast approaching, what Halloween treats are you giving those little kiddos when they march up to your door? This review is based on a brilliant idea of Let the Little Children Come – Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract. How about something better than candy? Share the Gospel with children with a Halloween Tract!

halloween treats review

General Information

We received a packet of 20 unassembled Halloween tracts. These flat tracts, when punched out from the backing are in the shape of a flower. Separate the edges of the flower, pull them up over the little green stem and voila! you have a pumpkin. Very clever, right?

Prices on these Halloween treats vary based on how many packets you purchase.

How We Used These Halloween Treats

Since we are a little ahead of Halloween, we decided to try them out for ourselves first, and then we handed them out to some of the children in our neighborhood to get their impressions.

I also help out in our church’s nursery and pre-school on Sundays. I handed out some to the parents. My hope is that they will use these with their children and possibly order a few sets for Halloween to give out to youngsters who come up to their door.

The remainder of the tracts I’ll hand out at Halloween. We have a TON of children in our neighborhood so this will be something that is very appropriate. I can’t wait!

Final Thoughts

I thought these tracts were very easy to use and put together. And, with the bright colors they are very engaging and eye-catching (perfect for younger children). If you normally don’t participate in Halloween, I get it. However, with something like this available to hand out on Halloween night (or fall festivals, etc.) you might consider something like this. It’s spreading the Gospel on a night that has pagan roots. Just a thought.

By the way, the pumpkins are big enough to hold several Hershey kisses, Starbursts, or even a mini Baby Ruth’s, Snickers, Twixes, etc.

I would highly recommend looking at the other tracts and items that Let the Little Children Come offers. And as always – connect with them on Facebook!

Is There Anything Better Than Candy? {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}

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