Boy oh boy. I am so thankful we had the opportunity to review UnLock Algebra2 from UnLock Math. Our homeschool needs help with this high school math subject…desperately!!

high school math

General Information

  • Pricing is broken down into two options:
    • $299/year
    • $49.99/month
    • + a 50% discount for siblings
  • Ability to set your own start date so pay now and start later
  • Online videos and lessons/problems
  • Real math teacher is featured on videos
  • Videos are broken down into bite-sized pieces of material
  • Lessons cover Algebra 2 from a review of equations through trigonometry
  • Contains a midterm and final, as well as regular tests to make sure student is mastering material

How We Used This Program

My daughter is currently taking Algebra 2 so I thought this curriculum would be a great way to solidify some of the Algebra 2 lessons she’s had this year. To understand how this program works, I tested out the first lesson, 1a Review of Equations. The image below is the dashboard when your student logs in. You select a unit, then click the rocket to “launch” the lessons within that unit. The little meter to the right of this calculates your average and your progress is charted next to the meter.

high school math

Once you launch a course, you can see the different lessons in that unit. Click on a lesson and then you’re taken to a screen with a warm up, video, practice lessons, additional problems, and then a link to reference notes. When all of these are finished you can then click on another lesson as this one is finished.

high school math

Once I got a handle on how this program works, I asked Lauren to watch the videos for Unit 11, Conic Sections. By the time we received this program to review, our school year has just about ended with only 4 more lessons in her regular high school math book. But, she’s struggling with graphs (parabolas, circles, etc.) so I wanted to see how this program could help her understand that material better. Per Lauren, “The videos are easy to understand with easy explanations.”

Final Thoughts

Personally, I found the program to be easy to follow. The questions were a bit repetitive but repetition creates understanding and helps ideas to cement into your brain. So, I get that. I thought the videos were engaging and informational. An actual math teacher is teaching in the videos so that also is very helpful. The developers of this program did a great job and I really think that for a parent who has a hard time teaching and understanding math in general, this is a great program to use since the parent really doesn’t have to teach it. Students can replay the videos for understanding.

Many homeschool families are single income and having been in that position for many years, I do have to say that the $299 price is a bit steep. I don’t know that we could afford this program in and of itself, especially if we had multiple children using it. Even with a sibling discount rate of 50%, that’s still almost $450 for 2 students for math. That amount would cover a few years’ worth of homeschool curriculum in our home. I just couldn’t justify that cost if we were on a single income. With that being said though, I do believe that this is an incredible program and the amount of time, skills, programming, etc. that went into making this curriculum is extensive. If you can afford it, then it’s definitely a program I would recommend.

One way to decrease the price of this program, though, is through their affiliate program. You can find additional information here: UnLock Math Affiliate Program Your friends receive $50 off on an annual purchase of UnLock Pre-Algebra, UnLock Algebra1, or UnLock Algebra2 and you get rewarded with $20 for each referral. Get enough friends to sign up and your rate would be drastically reduced.

UnLock Math also offers courses in UnLock Pre-Algebra, UnLock Algebra1 and their newest course is UnLock Geometry.

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