Help for homeschool parents is at your fingertips with Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity. Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to indulge in a little bit of “me time” with this Homeschool Rescue review. It’s been an eye-opening experience into my scheduling, our homeschool, the areas in which I am struggling, and where I need to buckle down and get back on track.

homeschool rescue review

General Overview

  • 2 Price options:
    • Option #1: $97 (Homeschool Rescue eCourse) – includes lifetime access to eCourse, all the videos, bonus content, access to Facebook page, “live course from June – July 2017)
    • Option #2: $137 (Homeschool Rescue VIP Support) – everything in Option #1 but also includes 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Heather
  • Online program for PARENTS, not students – this one’s just for us!
  • Can be completed in 60 days
  • Worksheets with each lesson to help you narrow down where you are in your homeschool and how to get back on track
  • Step-by-step program for moms using videos and worksheets to help you personally
  • With purchase, you are able to join the closed Facebook group for encouragement and support – and to have questions answered
  • If you can’t watch videos on your computer (for whatever reason), you can also download the transcript from each video to read (which is just as helpful as the videos)

This program is designed to help moms at any stage in their homeschooling journey…even for us veterans. There are 5 modules and each module contains 3-5 separate lessons. (Just a note that Module 5 is in process and coming soon). The individual lessons contain worksheets and “homework” that needs to be completed before moving on to the next lesson. It’s a systematic approach to helping you see where you are, where the problems may lie in your homeschool, and then it addresses how to fix those problems. Some of the topics covered include a basic homeschool triage, setting up and re-organizing your homeschool so that it’s more efficient (which buys back more of your day), and the lessons progress from there. Each lesson is covered in a 10-35 minute video and then the worksheets are included to download.

In addition to the lessons and worksheets, there’s a bonus section on the website with a link to the Facebook group, about 8 different planners and an accountability pack. Heather does mention that they continue to add bonus content over time.

Overall, it’s a great, systematic approach to breaking down your homeschool and building it back up again into a well run machine (so to speak).

Homeschool Rescue review

How I Used This Program

I started at the beginning using module #1, lesson #1. I found the lessons to be gentle in nature. These are not videos that bash you down and condemn you for falling off track. The gentle instruction is like having tea with a good friend who’s simply offering advice, coaxing you along and helping you re-center on what’s important and how to get there. I appreciate that. As moms we often feel like we have to be super-mom but that’s not the case. We are to use what we have, but in a better, more efficient manner. That’s the beauty of these videos and Heather’s suggestions.

There are several times that Heather (the author and narrator) explains that there may be extenuating circumstances in your home (medical issues, behavior problems, abuse, etc.) that often need to be addressed with professional help. These things are outside the realm of her expertise and she urges moms to get professional help when it’s needed and necessary. In fact, she encourages this step to be taken before anything else is done.

I also want to point out that you really need to dig deep if you really want this program to work for you and your family. Heather asked some tough questions that caused me to really think about how I was handling everything in our home. You’ll get out of Homeschool Rescue what you put into it. So, while the questions may cause you to face reality in a nice, but straight-up way, you’ll also benefit from being honest with yourself.

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of a Homeschool Rescue, I highly encourage you to try this program. It’s well worth the time and small cost as it’s an investment into your family, your school, even your own sanity.

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