homeschooling on the hillHomeschooling on the hill (well, in our little cabin on the hill) is full of adventure, promise and excitement as we start out the new school year. Usually that excitement lasts a few months and then by Christmas we’re ready for a break and by the end of the school year we’re all ready for summer vacation. It seems that this year is starting out a little more difficult than in years past.

I love planning for our school year. Each year I see our beautiful children growing older and wiser, but we put a lot into our school. I want the kids to be challenged, but not overly challenged and some days it’s just not fun. It seems that this year has already started to take its toll and we’re only in lessons one in Chemistry and Algebra II. We are setting new guidelines and expectations as the children grow older. Bubba is now in 10th grade. Two more years and he’ll be out of school. I don’t want to rush it or push it, but I do explain to him he’s responsible for more this year. He’ll be 16 in less than two weeks and more is expected of him. He’s a good kid (ahem, young man), and homeschooling has its ups and downs just like everything else. But, I think for us it’s not just learning that’s a challenge at times, but how to pick yourself up and press onward and upward when you just. don’t. understand. It’s digging your heels in, tuning everything else out, and truly getting into the problem at hand. These are the skills we are learning in our school. Life is not always easy. Things don’t always just come to us. We have to study and read and study some more. Ask questions. Ask more questions and if you still don’t understand, find another resource (maybe Dad or someone else). These are things we don’t always learn in public school.

I am so honored and blessed to be able to homeschool James and Lauren. I love watching them learn and to see the light bulb come on when they finally get “it” – whatever that “it” might be (fractions, decimals, chemistry, etc.). Pretty soon James will be done with his home education and Lauren won’t be far behind him. Where will they go? What will they do? I don’t have those answers. Johnny and I can guide them but ultimately it’s where they feel led – where God calls them. I’m so excited to be part of that journey with them. Now, if we can just get past Chemistry and Algebra II we’ll be doing even better. 🙂

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