homeschooling schedule 2016

It’s weird to say it, but this is our last year educating James. He’s a senior this year with only four classes. The time has flown. I remember when we first started our little homeschool on the hill. James was in kindergarten and I remember thinking how easy this was going to be. Oh. My. WORD. I was so wrong! I had no patience and didn’t know how to teach, let alone how to teach James. I taught the way I learned in public school all those years ago. What a mistake. We had more tears than laughter that year. It was horrible.

If you’re reading this and you think you can’t homeschool…you’re wrong. I was a poster child for all the wrong ways to teach. It was worksheets and more worksheets. I pushed and pushed and pushed James to the point that it just wasn’t fun or interesting.  We were miserable.  But, we learned a lot that year…both of us. Fast forward 11 years and here we are at the end of James’ homeschooling adventure.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. If you’re hesitating or on the fence about homeschooling, I say do it. Life’s too short to entrust it to a government run system that really may not have your child’s best interest at heart. Just saying…there are a lot of good teachers out there by good teachers don’t account for your instincts as a mom who knows her child better than anyone.

This year our homeschooling adventure consists of 2 high school students – one entering as a freshman and the other as a senior (as I mentioned previously). Here are the curriculum that we’re using:

James – 12th grade:
Free Market Economics through
– Pre-Calculus – Math-U-See
– English IV – Literature course through

Lauren – 9th grade:
Exploring AmericaNotgrass (covers Bible, English, and American History)
– Algebra II – Math-U-See
– Spanish II – Breaking the Barrier
– Biology through Apologia

We are now at the point that the kids can study on their own and we step in and help when there are questions or they don’t understand a concept. Other than that James and Lauren have learned to do the work on their own and research items for papers, etc. We wanted them to be independent thinkers and students who can go and find the material they need to answer questions. We are definitely here to assist, but I think we’ve done a pretty good job of helping them to be independent students.

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