homesteading in the suburbs

I bet there are quite a few homesteaders in the suburbs. This is a relatively new idea for me…one that I’ve been tossing around in my head for a few days. Are you homesteading in the suburbs now?

I guess for me that would still include gardening, whatever I could do with what I had. If I lived in an apartment, it would consist of container gardening, whether on a balcony or indoors. If I had a larger lot, I would definitely have an in-ground (or perhaps a raised bed) garden. Maybe I’d even go vertical. I’ve seen these awesome images of other suburban homesteaders with vertical gardens – like planting in gutters that are linked together on a chain, or pallets in the corner…maybe potted plants that hang from the porch.

If I couldn’t have chickens then I’d definitely find a source for fresh eggs…probably at a farmer’s market or from someone who raises chickens locally. I would definitely miss having our chickens around. Yes, they’re loud, but they are so much fun and I truly enjoy all the fresh eggs we get. It’s how we make our own pasta and angel food cakes…lemon angel food cakes to be exact. They are so incredibly delicious.

What else could we do to homestead in the ‘burbs? Any ideas? If you live in the suburbs, how do you homestead? If you used to have larger property and you now don’t, what do you miss and how do you still get that “homestead” feeling?

Thanks in advance for all of your answers on homesteading in the suburbs!

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