We do a lot of grilling and barbecuing. Let’s face it … we live in the heart of Texas. Who doesn’t BBQ or grill regularly? One of the costs of grilling is the price of charcoal. There are a lot of times we use oak but even then we often would purchase lump charcoal or briquettes. But, let me save you some money by showing you how to make your own lump charcoal.

Last year my husband received a Primo grill from his family. This thing is amazing. It can smoke, grill, bake, and even just smolder. We have 3 pits (seriously) and my husband absolutely loves this one the most. It’s the easiest to use and has a nice, large cooking surface. The situation that we were running up against is that the recommended suggestions for heating this ceramic pit is with lump charcoal. It’s more expensive than regular charcoal but it definitely gives the meat a better flavor and it also reduces down to minimal ash. ┬áThe beautiful thing is that a bag of lump briquettes can last 4-5 uses. Johnny’s grill really is amazing at conserving wood/resources.

Johnny accidentally discovered a cheap way for use to create our own lump charcoal.

Lump Charcoal Recipe:
Oak firewood (or whatever wood you prefer to use for grilling)

how to make your own lump charcoal
Yes…it’s a pretty simple recipe.

If you have nothing in the pit to burn, get the fire going like you normally would. Add firewood to help aid in the smoking/cooking process. Cook your meal as usual. When you’re done grilling, damper the grill and close off the vents. What happens is that this ceramic grill very slowly cools down. In the process, it turns the large stick of wood to charcoal. The next time we grill we simply break apart the larger piece of wood that’s left (which really is just a large chunk of burnt wood at this point) and we has lump charcoal to start the next fire. When we grill this way we use a lot less wood (which is a great reason to have a ceramic grill) and can make our own lump charcoal. At this rate we only add new wood every 2-3 times we grill.

how to make your own lump charcoal

how to make your own lump charcoal
The Fire

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