For the past few weeks we’ve been in the midst of reviewing the Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set by Memoria Press. I must say – I’ve never had a product from Memoria Press that didn’t deliver above and beyond my expecations. The Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set is no different.

iliad & odyssey complete set review

General Overview

  • Complete Set Price: $135
  • Complete set includes one each for the Iliad and Odyssey:
    • Instructional DVD
    • Physical book
    • Teacher’s Guide (with answers)
    • Student Guide (to be completed by student) – each student guide is meant to be consumed by one student – write in it!
  • Each set is individually priced at $75 if you only want to study the Iliad or the Odyssey
  • Age ranges: 7th grade – 12th grade

How We Used the Program In Our Home

My intention was to use this program with our freshman daughter, Lauren. However, she’s slammed at the moment with other projects, so I enlisted our senior, James. He needed two more full length books for his final high school English credit and this fit our needs exactly.

This may work very differently in your home, but for us, being that James is a senior, he’s pretty much independent in his studies. I gave him the Iliad book, the set of DVDs, and the student guide. I kept the teacher’s manual which includes the answer keys, additional information, etc.

The Iliad itself is broken out into books, not chapters. The DVDs and student guide are also set up the same way – separated by books. James’ format was to read a book, watch the DVD for that one book, and then answer the student guide questions for that same book. Once he finished a book, I would grade his answers.

For James, he was able to fully complete one book within a few days. But, he’s a senior and moves at a faster pace than younger students might. If you have younger students, it may take them anywhere from 3-4 days per book or a whole week. It really depends on your student’s own abilities. I included James’ thoughts below but he found the material to not be too difficult.

The DVD videos are about 30-45 minutes in length and discuss the history behind the story. It’s almost like sitting in a classroom with the teacher explaining the book, the background, and key pieces of information that we may not understand in this day and age when we’re so far removed from this time period.

According to James, “I like it, but there’s a lot of names of the tribes and clans, government, and people involved. Overall, it’s a good story that can get confusing with all the names. The plot line on how Achilles takes over Troy is great. The DVDs really help explain the questions. They don’t cover everything because that would give away the answers. In the DVDs, the teacher goes over the complicated dialogue scenes when there’s multiple people and the various kings and oracles. There are some kind of “adult themed” conversations but nothing in detail…about like what you would see in the Bible. The student guide is good. They lay everything out for you in great detail. The questions are easy to understand, just make sure you read the passages over before answering the study guide questions.”

While James was reviewing the Iliad, I started with the Odyssey. The format is the same as with the Iliad. I found the DVDs to be eye opening and helpful. The Student Guide has questions for all 24 books. The Appendix at the back of the Student Guide is very helpful with genealogies, alternate names of the Greeks and Trojans, the friends and foes of Homer’s Iliad, and a glossary of weaponry and armor terms. The Teacher Guide includes several sections for each book: Background and Drill, Discussion Help, Questions to Mark for Test; Teacher Notes, and Essays and Assignments. In addition, it includes images of the Student Guide pages with the answers of those pages. The answers for the questions are also in the back of the Teacher Guide, along with tests for Books 1-10, Books 1-18, and then the Final. It also contains the same Appendix as that in the Student Guide.

Regarding the student guides, they ask questions

Final Thoughts

The Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set is comprehensive with reading, videos, questions, essays, and unit tests. By the time your student finishes the set they will have a very thorough knowledge of the setting, the books, and the history of that time, as well as a grand adventure in the books themselves. While you may choose not to do some of the essays and assignments, they are worth adding a few here and there (depending on your student). We will be incorporating a few into our own homeschool, although we won’t do them all.

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