We were driving back from our favorite hiking place – Enchanted Rock – and it hit me that this country is made up of thousands of little towns. These little towns are the backbone of America. In Texas alone we probably have 3000 of them, seriously. I remember watching The Price is Right decades ago and one of the contestants was from Chicken Feather, Texas – population 25 if you counted the town dog. Seriously.

little towns

You can literally travel the world while remaining in Texas with cities such as Italy, Paris, Palestine, Scotland City, Holland Town, and even London. Not a single one of these towns is more than a few thousand residents strong.

From highways to country roads, California to Maryland and from Texas to North Dakota, little towns dot the U.S. from sea to shining sea. There is a lot to be said for those little towns. I grew up in Austin and have lived in many small towns since then, even now in a smaller town. We’ve raised our children in small towns and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. There’s a sense of community, belonging, involvement, and just that sense of “home”.

Here are a few reasons I love small towns:

  • Usually easier to get to know people
  • Prices of homes/land are typically less expensive than larger cities
  • Sense of community is stronger than in large cities
  • The people are often friendlier (not always, but most of the time)

These towns have local shops patroned by local residents who buy and sell locally. The libraries are full of books borrowed by local residents from toddler age up through the most senior local folks. The churches (hopefully) are filled each Sunday and Wednesday night with hometown people lifting their voices in worship to God, listening attentively to their pastor, and then taking that love of Christ out on the streets (at least they should be).

These little towns across America truly are the backbone of this country. Sure, many decisions are made in Washington, D.C., but if you look at the last election, it was the many men and women in these little towns that made the biggest difference. It was because they stood up, in force, and made their opinions known that the 2016 Presidential election was such a shocker. Tired of being ignored, the silent majority shouted from the rooftops with their votes and the world heard.

Don’t dismiss the little towns and those who live in them. They are hard working, God fearing, neighbor loving people. God bless the little towns and all who live in them.

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  1. Good observations. My favorite way to travel is to go through little towns and stop their for breaks, to see the sights.

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