I learned how to make vinegar yesterday.  Too cool!!  So I use the “no poo” method to wash my hair (I’ll post a separate blog on that) which requires me to rinse my hair with raw cider vinegar.  The other day I discovered that my raw cider vinegar had grown a mother!  Okay, so that sounds a little strange, but “mother of vinegar” is basically a slimy substance or a thin layer of film that forms on the top of raw vinegar.  It is extremely acidic and is what gives vinegar its distinct flavor.  While most vinegars these days are distilled, pasteurized and filtered, raw vinegar is in its natural state.  Mother of vinegar is formed through non-fermented sugar or alcohol in the container.

The cool thing is that with a mother of vinegar you can make your own vinegar!  That’s the really cool part.  After all my research, I discovered that I could use fruit juice or wine, add the mother to it and within a few weeks I’ll have vinegar.

Yesterday I dug into the recesses of my pantry and discovered Pear Wine that I made back in 2009.  Figuring it would be perfect for Pear Wine Vinegar, I cleaned two quart size mason jars, poured in the wine and added a mother to both jars.  Did I forget to mention that I had two mothers of vinegar?!  I cut apart an old flour sack to cover the open jars and then screwed on a ring onto the mason jars over the flour sacks to secure them.

They now sit on top of my refrigerator for the next five weeks while the pear wine turns into pear wine vinegar.

I believe that as long as these mothers of vinegar have “food” to eat (i.e. sugar, etc.) then they’ll keep growing or producing more.  Let me know if you’re interested in one of these mothers – would be happy to share if they multiply!

I am so excited!!!