We had a blast learning to play Unauthorized by Chara Games! This review explains not only how to play this Christian board game but also explains why it’s a great game for families and/or youth groups.

Christian board game

General Overview

In order to learn how to play the game, watch this 12-minute video. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it so that your learning curve doesn’t take too long.


The overall objective of the game is to have the church win, but that is determined by your cards. You can choose your role (thief, merchant, teacher, clerk, counselor, etc.) from 10 different roles. There must always be a pastor and there must always be a police. Other than that you can choose who you want to be. Each role has a different power. For example, the merchant can trade a card with another player while the thief can simply take a card from another player. The pastor can discard a red card (the state card) from one player. The police can even execute a player. It’s all very interesting, that’s for sure.

There are four different sets of cards:

  1. Roles (like the thief, merchant, etc.)
  2. 1 dealer card (which explains what happens during each round)
  3. 2 reference cards (which explain how what you can do with your role and your options during each round)
  4. Experience cards (these cards are either red or green and determine your loyalty to either the state or the church)

The setup of the game is a bit challenging the first time, but after that it doesn’t take nearly as long and is fun determining who you are going to be (what your role is) in the game.

How We Played/Learned this Christian Board Game

We originally planned to have a game night with our families at our home but we could not get everyone’s schedules to coordinate, so we had a family game night and ended up playing with four people. The directions say that you need a minimum of 6 players (up to 12 players) – which is why I think this would be great for youth groups. It would be a neat ice-breaker game as it takes some work to get it set up.

Since we only had four players we had 1 police, 1 pastor, and the other two were able to choose their roles. We used the same amount of cards otherwise. As I mentioned the game lasted shorter than normal – about 15 minutes per game. If you are short on time and still want to play a family game this would be great.

This game ended up being a bit shorter because we had less players, but I found that it was a neat way for us to learn the game. It’ll be easier for us to explain it to our friends when we can eventually all get together. The instructions say that it takes about 30 minutes to play four rounds. The game only lasts for 4 rounds. I appreciate that since some games like Monopoly can take an entire day (or two).

I think what I appreciate most about this game is that none of us really wanted to side with the state, other than my daughter who was thrilled to be the “bad guy” for once. 🙂 The rest of us really wanted the church to win. My husband was the merchant and would hand green cards to my daughter (the state) in hopes of bringing her to the “light” of the church. She handed him the “rejection” card instead. It was quite fun and a game we’ll definitely play again and again.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great family game for you and your family and friends, then check out this Christian board game. Play time is about 30 minutes per game and you’ll need at least six people to play…perfect for those family fun nights or youth group gatherings.

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