For the past week or so we have been in deep cleaning mode at our home … not just me, but even James and Lauren.  I’ve enlisted their help in seriously cleaning our little home.  When you live in less than 900 square feet, you realize that every little space is crucial.  Last week we cleaned the whole house except for the kitchen.  That is reserved for this week.

Yesterday, I decided to tackle the oven first.  I found this nifty little setting on my oven dial called, “Clean”.  Usually when I clean the oven I spray the inside with vinegar and sprinkle with baking powder, shut the door and wait overnight before really tackling it.  However, I thought … how does this “clean” setting work?  I did a little research online.  Call me stupid … I should have done this years ago!  I’ve only had this oven for 8½ years and have cleaned it with elbow grease each and every time.  All I had to do was lock the oven and turn it to this mode.  The theory is that it gets so hot in the oven that all the baked-on food becomes ashes.  I turned the oven off at 3 hours, waited about an hour and then literally took a wet rag and wiped out the inside.  It looks brand new!!!  I should have done this years ago!  My life would have been so much easier! 

A few tips though:
1.  Leave the doors and windows open because the fumes are not really pleasant.
2.  Use the self-cleaning mode when it’s cooler outside as it really heats up the house.

It still took me some time to clean the stove and right underneath the stove.  I really need to replace the drip pans and the smaller coils, but that’s for another day.

Today’s kitchen duty is the cupboards!  Keep us in your prayers!

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