There are many topics that many parents want to address with their children, including health videos for kids, but don’t know how. MarshMedia is a great resource for videos on building character, health, safety, special needs, puberty and more.

MarshMedia Review

General Overview

  • For non-homeschoolers, the prices for videos vary. Each video has its own price.
  • Some videos are on DVDs and others can be streamed.
  • Streaming videos are anywhere from 10-25 minutes.
  • For homeschoolers, MARSHMedia is offering a special offer. Read through the rest of the review for a link at the bottom.
  • 54 streaming videos – about 13.5 hours of videos
  • When a video is rented, you have 24 hours to watch the video before your rental expires.

How We Used this Program

These videos are for children anywhere from kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8). My children are both older than this so I watched the videos on my own. I started with the hygiene video “Keep It Clean”. The teens in the video were upbeat, as was the music. It covered everything from the importance of hygiene, bathing, protecting your ears, washing your hair, acne, and more. The video was entertaining, educational, and engaging. I think younger children (upper elementary and tweens) would enjoy it.

Each video is unique. Some were more story-like, such as “Stanley’s – This Is the Life.” But, even the stories/videos were educational in nature. This particular video discussed healthy eating. There are other videos under the “Guidance” tab that relate to bullying, social skills, and character traits. These videos are based on watercolor books and really beautiful. Elementary age children would really enjoy these.

MarshMedia ReviewVideos cover topics from health, safety, hygiene, school shootings (this one is for parents), bullying, and even puberty. Most of these are addressed to children, but there are some (like the school shooting video) directed towards parents and schools/teachers. Each video also has a great rating system that helps parents/teachers understand what may be inappropriate in the video.

The videos are not Christian-based, but I did not see any inappropriate videos or discussions. I was curious how the video, “Straight Talk About Sex, Gender, and Media” would handle this topic. There were a few definitions about sex and gender as well as sexuality. Other than that it really addressed how youngsters need to learn the difference between reality and ads. The two hosts discussed media’s portrayal of sexuality and how teens and tweens can combat this – whether it’s in magazines, on TV, or in video games. I thought it was decently handled and didn’t promote anything I wouldn’t tell my own children.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the videos are appropriate and timely in this day and age. As I previously mentioned, while the videos are not from a Christian perspective they say the same things I would tell my own kiddos. For the younger children I would use the Character Education videos as they are beautifully illustrated and discuss meaningful topics. If you’re already working through a character program, consider these videos as an additional resource to complement what you may already be using.

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