my 2016 year end review

I love to look back at the end of the year and see where we started and where we are now. So, here’s my 2016 year end review!

We had two major changes this year: buying a new home and moving from the country to a neighborhood and also purchasing a second family vehicle. It’s the first time we’ve had two family cars in about 5 years. That was a huge adjustment…and very welcome indeed!

That summer we started the process of looking for a new home in a small town about an hour north of our country cabin. Many people asked us why we would move from our country, homesteading life, to the city. There are 2 simple reasons:

  1. Both kids were looking at attending the college in this town. It’ll save us money in the long run if we don’t have to pay their dorm fees. 🙂
  2. It was time for a change, for many reasons I don’t feel I can go into on a public forum. These reasons are really the main reason we moved.

So, we looked and looked and looked some more. The good news is that Johnny is a realtor and was able to get us into the homes. We looked at TONS of homes, put offers in on 2 homes and ended up pulling the offers due to various reasons. And, finally found our current and lovely home on July 4th. We put in an offer and closed at the end of August – exactly one year to the day that my husband’s mother passed away. Yes, a lot can change in a year. A lot.

my 2016 year end review


my 2016 year end reviewAbout this time I was also undergoing several doctor appointments for my vision. I was diagnosed with glaucoma at the tender age of 43. I even underwent an MRI to see if I had any tumors or issues in my brain (which may have caused the glaucoma). Thank the good Lord that this was not the case. I simply have it and now I’m dealing with it one day at a time.

We gave away our chickens and moved from our little cabin on the hill…taking all of Lady’s puppies with us. (Yes, she had puppies during this time and it was an event moving those little ones!)

Since then life has taken on a life of its own. James was accepted at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, about five minutes from our home. Yay! Lauren will hopefully be starting her dual enrollment classes at the same university in another year.

We’ve attended numerous events on campus, including several football games. Just need to give the UHMB football team a huge shout out. They are the NATIONAL Division 3 Champions. And, they are ranked #1 in their division. I mean, come on. That’s exciting! We went to several of the playoff games and almost went to see the championship game in Virginia, but the kids were sick.

We started our homeschool in the new home and are planning for James’ graduation in a few months.

my 2016 year end reviewWe’ve hosted numerous get-togethers in our new home (something we couldn’t do in our cabin) and even hosted Christmas with my family this past week. We even celebrated James’ 18th birthday with a surprise party…and completely surprised him!

We went from being somewhat reclusive (due to circumstances beyond our means) to having get-togethers and Christmas at our home. It’s been a year of hospitality for us and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Life is meant to be lived with family and friends – and it warms my heart to have them come to our home for a change. 🙂

While I do miss our old cabin and being a stone’s throw from my in-laws, it has been nice settling into our new home and seeing where life is leading not only us, but also the kids. One day we’ll buy our own property/acreage and build a little cabin again, but this time the kids will be out on their own.

Life is interesting. I started the year as a Graphic Designer and I’m ending it by taking real estate classes to become a licensed real estate agent. The goal for 2017 is to become fully licensed to help Johnny grow his real estate team. Yes, life is interesting and I’m LOVING it!

This year I learned:

  • The Lord is in control. He opens doors and closes doors. He leads us through the dark storms of life and sees us safely through to the other side.
  • He gives us opportunities to grow each and every single day. It’s what we do with those opportunities that really matters.
  • When God opens a door be ready to move and change because when things line up as He’s planned, events happen quickly. And I mean QUICKLY!
  • Be helpful to those in need. When you have the resources to help someone, then do it.
  • Dare to live life beyond your front door. Get out and experience all that God has blessed you with.
  • Be willing to keep learning and growing – not only personally, but professionally.
  • Set new goals and then go meet them. Challenge yourself to do something new and different each day.

Hope you each had a marvelous 2016. If not, then maybe 2017 will be a better year. Leave me a message on how your 2016 was.

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