Memoria Press has done it again with Nature’s Beautiful Order, an 18-lesson biology course for homeschool middle school students.

nature's beautiful order review


General Overview

  • Price: $45.00
  • Set includes: Teacher key, student guide, and study guide (physical books)
  • Or, you can purchase each item individually:
    • Student guide: $11.95
    • Text: $21.95
    • Teacher key: $12.95
  • Covers invertebrate animals through the 5 classes of vertebrates
  • 18 lessons

How We Used This Program

Let me start off by saying that I love Memoria Press. They are an amazing company with stellar products. I don’t think we’ve ever had one product (and we’ve used many over the years) that has ever been sub-par. They are very thorough and point to Christ (at least what we’ve reviewed and used) when possible.

We received 3 items for this review: Nature’s Beautiful Order text, teacher key, and student study guide. The student study guide is meant to be written in by the student. One guide per student.

The text itself covers the very basics of what an animal is to man as the upright animal and steward of God’s creation. Animals covered include: the lobster, cuttlefish, sea urchin, bees, trout, and then moves through birds, groundhogs, farm animals and finally man. Each chapter in the text is approximately 10 pages. Each chapter in the study guide contains 17 questions that require answers in full sentences. No multiple choice questions in this guide. The teacher’s manual looks just like the student study guide but contains all the answers. It’s very easy to follow and grade (which is a plus for any homeschool mama).

I originally gave the material to my daughter (she’s 15) to read and review. To be honest, she said that “it didn’t grab my attention”…not that it wasn’t educational, but more that it was not up to her level of reading. She’s a freshman in high school and while Memoria Press states that this could be supplemental material for 9th graders in biology, I think it would be more suitable for middle grade students. Or, for students who want to dig deeper into various animals.

In the lesson on the frog (see info on it below), the chapter covers everything about the frog starting with a detailed description, body structure and bones, life cycle, how frogs differ from other animals, and a final section on a surprising development. As I mentioned, it is very detailed but also is easy enough for younger biology students to understand.


For middle school students, this would be a great resource and introduction to biology. You might even be able to add additional lessons such as an essay that compares/contrasts the frog to other animals, or dive further into the miracle of flight. Create a nature journal with drawings/renderings of the different animals covered. There are many ways to use this material, whether as a stand alone biology course or as a supplement to other biology courses for older students.

Older students could probably finish one lesson per week, but younger students would benefit with 2 weeks per lesson, allowing time for further study, drawing, additional essays, etc.

Final Thoughts

This is a great biology curriculum for middle school students whether you use it as a stand alone program or as a supplement for older students. Memoria Press provides another classical Christian education resource for homeschoolers. You really just can’t go wrong.

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