I don’t do “new year resolutions.” I figure that every day is a new day, but I also believe that everyone should have goals. I have goals set for my custom digital design business, Sweet Bee Pixels, but I also have goals for our homestead. What do I want to do to become more self-sufficient? Here are my top 5 goals for our little homestead this year:

    1. Raise our own meat and not buy ANY meat from the store. One of the ways we are going to do this is to raise our own meat chickens and hopefully do a lot more fishing.
    2. Become more creative with our gardening methods and grow more of our own food. I did really good for awhile and then my garden was turned into a dog pen. Since then I’ve been a gardener without a garden. It’s quite sad.
    3. Learn 3 new homesteading skills (one of which is going to be processing our own chickens). I haven’t figured out the other skills yet. I’m sure they’ll come to me sometime during the year as an “ahhh…I want to do THAT!”
    4. Simplify and organize our house even further. I’m purging the house once again. It’s going to be a year-long purge. If it hasn’t been used in two years, it’s going out the door. I’m going to work on one room at a time.
    5. Okay…so I only have 4 goals, so maybe I’ll make the fifth goal more like … show my family how much I love them each and every day.