Venison – From the Field to the Freezer E-Book



With Venison – From the Field to the Freezer E-Book, you’ll learn that processing a deer, although time consuming, is not difficult. Meredith Duke walks you through each step of processing a deer once it has been harvested and dressed. Learn the step-by-step method to turn your recently harvested deer into venison for your table. Includes tips, techniques, and recipes!

Contents include:

  • Processing and cleaning the deer (once it’s been harvested and field dressed)
  • How to Make Sausage
  • Canning Venison and Venison Stock
  • Delicious and hearty recipes

It also features:

  • Full color photos
  • Step-by-step directions on how to cut the leg quarters into usable cuts

As published originally by Molly Green Magazine, Meredith now offers her eBook to you!


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