Pure Flix is known for it’s Christian movies, but did you also know that Pure Flix can also be used in your homeschool? We all know that sometimes students need a break from books and papers. One of the beautiful things of homeschooling is that it enables us (the parents/teachers) to truly educate our children with numerous types of devices – including movies, videos, dramas, etc.

Taking a break from the books doesn’t necessarily mean that you are taking a break from educating your children. Perhaps you can enhance a particular topic with one of the numerous videos that Pure Flix offers. There are numerous topics from geography to history/government.

pure flix

To learn more about including Pure Flix in your homeschool, click here. You’ll discover a new opportunity to educate your students. If you subscribe using this link, you’ll receive 4 weekly homeschool emails with links to particular movies (to help you along in your homeschooling journey).

Did I mention that they have THOUSANDS of videos, including:

  • Our Fascinating Univerise
  • Drive-Thru History (read my review by clicking on the title)
  • Famous Explorers
  • Creeping Things
  • And many many more!

So…what are you waiting for? Check it out today!