I am ready for 2012.  When I look back on 2011 it was a time of joy and expectation (waiting for Emma to arrive in March) and a time of grieving and sorrow when Emma died.  It’s also been a year full of devoting time to God and giving back to Him (through volunteering at the church, starting a new women’s ministry at the church, witnessing about God’s love to others and many other things).  This was the first year I have not worked since I was 16 (with the exception of a few months in 1999).  That was a huge change in and of  itself.  Add to that a career change for Johnny (becoming a full time real estate agent instead of a part time real estate agent).   2011 has been the year of change for us – from the death of a daughter to changing careers to realizing God’s potential for us. 

Like I said, I’m soooo ready for 2012.  Maybe we’ll travel or buy that next property … better yet, maybe we’ll do both!  Who knows what God has in store for us. I just pray that it’s full of God’s grace and love.

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