We are a moving-watching family and we love anything that’s Bible-related. We were blessed beyond measure when we discovered that we would be able to review Drive Thru History®“The Gospels” DVD series during Lent.

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General Overview

  • 3-DVD set + study guide: $89.95
  • 6 videos per DVD = total of 18 videos in this miniseries
  • Each video is approximately 30 minutes long (give or take a few minutes).
  • Study guide includes brief review of material plus questions for discussion

How We Used This Program In Our Home

If you love history and you love a great mini-series, this is a great addition to your home collection. The miniseries is narrated and hosted by Dave Stotts, who makes the videos entertaining, interesting, and engaging, and full of not just the stories of the Bible, but the history of the events, places, and people involved in the stories themselves. Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” focuses on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ – from His birth to His resurrection. Considering that we’re reviewing this leading up to Easter has been really eye-opening and makes me appreciate all that Christ did for us even more.

The series starts not with Jesus, but with the historical landscape that’s occurring right around the time of Jesus’ birth. It sets the scene for the remainder of the series. Jesus came to earth in the midst of turmoil and strife and escaped death many times (like when Herod ordered all the boys under the age of 2 to be put to death).

As a family, we sat down and watched these and discussed what we saw and learned. It’s one thing to read about a story in the Bible, but quite another to see where it took place and the history behind the story. For example, during the time of Jesus birth, Dave spends a lot of time explaining the history leading up to Jesus’ birth. He goes into deep detail about Herod the Great and the things he was known for, had accomplished, and his somewhat skewed mentality and mistrust of those around him. These are important things that are not covered in the Bible, but provide that extra bit of history that makes the story of Jesus’ birth all the more miraculous…considering the climate in which He was born.

As the series progresses Dave Stotts leads the watcher through the early life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Each video is shot in a location relevant to that particular topic. He hops, skips, and jumps his way across the Holy Land, shows locations on maps, visits, ancient sites and ruins, explains how things happened and possible reasons why (like the theories of why Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine), and the importance of the circumstances surrounding these events.

Another great feature of this miniseries is the study guide. Enclosed within the DVD case is a study guide, which includes one lesson per video. We went through the questions together, as a family. The questions aren’t difficult, but they are thought provoking. I found it to be a great opportunity to not test what my children (or I) have learned in the series, but more importantly to see how wey’ve processed the information given.

There are multiple ways that you can approach this miniseries:

  • Watch one video per week as a family and answer the questions together. This could be used as a family devotional.
  • Watch the videos without using the study guide.
  • Or, you can do what we did and binge watch the videos and answer the questions while munching on a bowl of popcorn. We are binge watchers – yes, I know – that can be bad. But, I must say that these videos are so interesting that it’s hard to stop at watching just one per week. We watched 2-3 at a time and discussed not only the questions in the study guide but also other things we learned or saw in the videos.

The beauty of homeschooling or having family devotionals is that you can do them in the best way that suits your family. For us, we really enjoyed just chillin’ at the end of the day with an hour or so of these videos – laughing, talking, discussing, and just soaking up what we learned and saw.

Reviewing the Gospels

I really recommend Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” to any family, individual or church/Bible study group. It’s an awesome series and one that is appropriate at any time of the year, but I can see how it would have more relevance during Lent – leading up to Easter.

Final Thoughts

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