As I mentioned before, I am part of the 2017 Homeschool Review Crew and will be reviewing many products this year. The Yearly Membership review is one of the first of many this year! Before we start, I do need to let you know that I am a teacher at I wrote the course Introduction to Graphic Design. However, I won’t be using that course in my review.

General Overview

  • is a sister company to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.
  • This membership site has over 300 different courses. Over 300!!!! And, they continue to add courses monthly so that number will continue to rise.
  • The yearly membership fee is $139 which is for the ENTIRE family. Regardless of whether you homeschool one child or six, you will only pay $139 for the entire year.
  • It’s an online format with printables, videos, and online classes.
  • Mom gets many benefits, too, including the Schoolhouse Planners, devotionals, inspirational and motivational articles. Believe me, every homeschooling mama needs inspiration, motivation and the Lord’s Word spilling over them in this schooling journey.
  • Courses are available for pre-school through high school and includes some classes for the entire family.
  • If you need help with tracking grades, then you’ll also have access to AppleCore as part of the membership price.
  • Parents with Special Needs Learners have an entire section devoted to them and teaching their child(ren).
  • Access to videos on RightNow Media.
  • Additional resources included with the Yearly Membership include lesson plans, course checklists, a sample transcript, unit studies and more. really is a one-stop shop for all of your homeschooling needs for your entire family.

Schoolhouse Teachers subject selections

With access to over 300 courses, it can seem a bit overwhelming on where to begin. My suggestion is to start at the menu link that says “Start Here.” That’s an excellent place to begin.

How We Use This Membership Site

Let me show you how we use in our home.

I have two students. James is a senior and Lauren is a high school freshman. We’ve used Yearly Membership for a few years now and I truly love the broad range of topics and courses that are available. Lauren is my reader, writer, and debater. James is more methodical and analytical in his thinking. So, even with their differences, it’s easy to find classes that they both enjoy.

The summer before school starts, I tend to look at everything from 10,000 feet to get the big picture of where we are and what is needed. This involves looking at what the kids have left in their “to do” list of high school requirements. For James, this year he only needed four courses to round out his high school education: Economics, English, Science, and Math. In looking through the arsenal of courses, we chose these:

For Lauren, although she is a freshman in age, she is actually has enough credits to be a sophomore/junior. She has taken these courses, with more in the plan for 2017-2018:

Then, I get down to the nitty gritty details of what’s involved with each course and consider these things:

  • Will it meet our state’s requirements? Is it a full credit or a half credit? Do I need to do anything extra to meet the full credit?
  • Will it meet our homeschool requirements?
  • What is involved in the course (ie. reading assignments, papers, midterms, tests, worksheets, etc.)?

Each course contains four separate tabs:

  • How to Use This Course, which includes an introduction to the course, what will be covered, and how to teach it
  • Components
  • Transcript Information
  • Banner (if you want to use it on your website, in your marketing as an affiliate, etc.)

By reading through the “How to Use This Course” section, I am able to see exactly if this course will meet our needs. For example, the Geology course has two sections, each lasting 16 weeks. We will spend 32 weeks on this course. That’s a fair amount of time. And, if James completes specific requirements for each section (like listening to all the lessons, completes all the worksheets, takes the final exam, and completes any and all projects and essays), he’ll receive one full credit. All answers are given in separate worksheets for me, and a course lesson plan is available so that I can make sure we are on track and don’t miss anything. This helps me TREMENDOUSLY!

Since James is a senior, learning time management is a huge factor in our homeschool this year (to prepare him for college and life beyond our school). I’ve given him the lesson plans that include what he’s supposed to do each week. It’s his responsibility to make sure all lessons are completed for the week and turned in on Friday (when I grade everything). I’ll also go through the lesson plan for that week to make sure he hasn’t missed something. If he has, I’ll point it out to him and it’s still due that day so school work will take precedence over anything else he has to do for the day.

We are half-way through the Geology course and it’s awesome. James loves the videos (he’s a great listener and he learns best when things are verbal rather than written) and truly enjoys the class. He understands the concepts and submits all paperwork on Fridays. Using the provided answer key, I grade his worksheet and then I give it all back to him to file in his Geology notebook.

As for Lauren, she is a Lord of the Rings freak. She L.O.V.E.S. all things Lord of the Rings. So, when we saw that there was a Literature course specifically for all things J.R.R. Tolkien, we were in. This course was written by Dr. Hake, who “chairs the Department of Classical Liberal Arts and directs the Literature major at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia” (per his biography on the site). I’ll say more about the teachers in a minute.

This course is very literature oriented, focusing on other books by Tolkien as well as his biography. If Lauren was to read all the materials, write two short papers plus one 12 page essay and spend about 180 hours during the school year she would receive one full literature credit (based on the transcript info provided). Rock on. That works for us.

She loved this Literature course. She was able to work on her own, read through the books, and write her papers. We did have a few discussions, but the fact that she was SO involved in the books and was enthralled with Tolkien’s biography (quoting from it daily), I knew she was getting a lot of information from this course that was applicable to her here and now. THAT’S a quality education. THAT’S why we love

I said I would talk about the teachers so here we go…as promised. The quality and level of the teachers’ expertise is phenomenal. They consist of college professors (as in the case of Dr. Hake), business professionals (some with over 25 years of experience in their fields), other homeschool graduates who are working in a business field, medical professionals (like Dr. Brouillette, DVM, who teaches Animal Science), business owners, and other moms with a passion for teaching. The quality of the teachers is impeccable and it truly shows in their classes. Not only that, but they are available if you have any questions about the courses. As a homeschooling mama, that’s an awesome benefit.

I can’t say enough good things about My suggestion is to try it out for yourself. For $139 a year for an entire family, it’s well worth the price. The quality of courses is amazing and there are over 300 courses for my children to find something that not only meets the state’s requirements but also ours. And, my children can work at their own pace – going faster or slower depending on if they are “getting it” or need more time.

Grab a cup of tea and your laptop, sit down on the couch (or your favorite recliner) and just spend some time on the site. You’ll see that there is SOOOO much that can not only benefit your children (as far as all the class choices), but you, too, Mom.

Final Details

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