Since we spent the entire month of December studying Christmas and Christ’s birth, we are headed right back into our normal studies on January 2nd.  We’ll continue with Latin, science and math studies but we’re also going to be studying The Pilgrim’s Progress.  I received the book several years ago and I now feel that the kids are ready for the material.  We’ll combine:

  • History (English and European history),
  • The Reformation,
  • European geography, and
  • How all this ties into the literature study of an allegory and the importance of this book.

I’ve checked out books from the library on the kings & queens of England as well as information on Martin Luther (who led the Reformation) and some books on the change of Christianity in Europe through the Renaissance and Medieval Ages.  It should be an interesting topic for us. Here are a few resources you can use with your children for studying this book:

ProjectPassport-RenaissanceReformationFor Lauren, we’ll probably work on writing a proper paper and for James we’ll focus on writing an actual research paper.  I found a great website on the Basic Guide to Essay Writing.  While studying The Pilgrim’s Progress, I’ll also assign a topic for James to write about to practice his writing and research skills.  Lauren will get the same assignment but for her grade level.

Another resource that would be really beneficial in this study is HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Renaissance & Reformation from Home School in the Woods. This project pack has amazing resources that would really tie into this study…not that you would have to do every single project, but to add on a few would be beneficial in this study.

I’m really looking forward to starting our studies again!

Studying The Pilgrim's Progress

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