We’ve had the pleasure of reading Lamplighter Publishing’s The Secret Bridge by Amy LeFeuvre. For a complete review of this beautifully written tale, please read our full Secret Bridge book review below.

Secret Bridge Book Review

General Overview

  • Price: $28.00
  • Written in 1899
  • Age range: 12-99

The Secret Bridge is a story of love, redemption, forgiveness, and a few adventures all rolled up into one. It begins with the┬ámain character, Bridget Channing, traveling across the ocean following her father’s illness and death. She is supposed to meet her uncle and live with him when she arrives in London. But, to her dismay, life begins to unravel the moment she steps off the ship and she ultimately ends up in completely different circumstances.

I don’t want to give away too much, but one can really begin to see all the ways life can go wrong, and what a tangled mess we can end up in when we lie – whether we mean to or not. The consequences of these lies not only affect us, but those we know and love. The beautiful part of this book is that it weaves the love of Christ into the life of this young woman and it truly reflects in not only her life but in those around her.

Lamplighter Publishing’s creed is, “Christlike character one story at a time.” That is really portrayed in this book.

Here’s a brief rundown of why I like this book:

  • The vocabulary challenges readers, but the words have brief definitions at the bottom of the page in the footnotes. There’s no need to bring out the dictionary because the definitions are already there. Awesome,right?!
  • All Bible scripture mentioned in the story are referenced with the actual Bible passage in the footnotes.
  • The story is incredibly engaging. My daughter finished it in one day – two tops. (She’s a fast reader, though).
  • I won’t give it away but the secret bridge was a complete surprise to me…until the very end.

My daughter’s thoughts are that “it was entertaining and had a really good plot twist” (she loves those). “It would be a good book for anybody, especially Pride & Prejudice fans,” says Lauren.

As for age ranges to read this, it would be great for a family read-aloud. Or, for those who like to read on their own, I would think that an appropriate age would be late elementary and junior high on up through adults. As the Lamplighter Publishing site suggests – 12-99 years old.

Final Thoughts

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The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

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