I LOVE THIN STIX! The Pencil Grip, Inc. sent us the Thin Stix Creativity Pack which includes 24 colors! We’ve had so much fun creating and drawing.

thin stix creative pack

General Overview

We received a pack of 24 different Thin Stix paints. We had such fun colors as pink, gold, silver, purple, and so much more! The original price is $24.99 but you can purchase them from BJ’s for only $19.99.

How We Used Thin Stix

Earlier this year we reviewed the Thin Stix 6 Pack of Classic Colors and we had fun with that bunch of colors. When we learned that we would have a total of 24 colors, including fun metallic colors, well…we were just ecstatic. There’s only so much you can do with 6 colors, but with 24 … that’s just a different story.

As I mentioned in my previous review, these paints dry within 90 seconds. There is no clean up other than putting the cap back on the paint stick. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s fun. What’s not to love about Thin Stix! Also, we were able to overlay the metallic colors on the over colors to create a nice shimmer effect.

These are Lauren’s drawings. “They’re fun, easy to use and they dry really quickly. That makes it easier to draw.”

thin stix creative pack
A Rooster (just because we love chickens)

I love her tiger. So creative! (And her rooster is awesome, too).

thin stix creative pack
Eye of the Tiger


thin stix creative pack
A Rose By Any Other Name


And, here are my creations.

Can you see the sparkles in this Thin Stix? There are quite a few in this package that are sparkly. I love that! It makes my drawings shimmer. Yay me!

thin stix creativity pack
Can you see the shimmer in this Thin Stix?


thin stix creativity pack
Me and my honey – 23+ years strong! Who says you have to be young to love your hubby and write it for the world to see?


thin stix creativity pack
Okay. So this is my shameless plug to sell real estate. Like the logo? 🙂 Seriously…Think Stix can be used for anything business or personal!

Final Thoughts

Overall I love Thin Stix. I love their ease of use. I love that they are so easy to clean up after. I love that I don’t have to use water to rinse away any excess paint. I can simply twist the bottom to get more paint, cap it off when I’m done, and put them away. My paintings dry in less than 90 seconds. It’s the easiest and best way to paint.

I think the one thing that I wish is that these Thin Stix came in different tip sizes. A fine point or even medium-point tip would be awesome for adding details to paintings and drawings.

I also love that this pack has 24 colors – from darks to brights and neons. The shimmery sticks add a touch of something special and the metallic colors (gold and silver) do, too.

If you’re looking for a great way to add art to your child’s curriculum, but you don’t want the fuss of actual paint and brushes, consider Thin Stix. It’s a great alternative and your child can still benefit from learning to draw, paint, and create.

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Thin Stix Creativity Pack {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}