I cannot wait for our spring garden. I absolutely love to garden – from figuring out what I’m going to plant this year and how I’m going to garden (square foot gardening, raised beds, tilling, etc.) to how many plants will I actually grow. I may try popcorn again this year. We grew popcorn six years ago and it was so much fun to watch it grow…and so satisfying to taste it. Homegrown popcorn just does NOT taste the same as what you buy in the store. It really tastes fresh (not stale). 

In light of my gardening thoughts, I wanted to post a companion planting guide that I found. I hope it helps you plan your garden this year, too. If you’re not familiar with companion planting, it simply involves growing plants together that thrive together (like basil and tomato plants or carrots and lettuce). Some plants attract beneficial insects that help other plants grow. And, other plants draw insects that are harmful to others. It’s important to know what vegetables make good neighbors and which ones make bad neighbors. Check out the list below and have fun planning your garden this year!