Typing is a fundamental skill these days, especially with 99% of work being accomplished on a computer. We all need more typing practice at my house (for this very reason) so I wanted to try The Typing Coach Online Typing Course created by The Typing Coach.

the typing coach review

General Overview

  • Price: $17 per person per year
  • Online course complete with audio lessons, tutorials, practice exercises and tests

How We Used This Program

I had intended to use this program with my youngest (she’s 15), but she was quite adamant she knew how to type (which she learned several years ago), so good old mom reviewed this one hands on. I love typing. If I’m “in the zone” I can type 90 words per minute, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that my errors are low. I wanted to utilize this course to help me reduce my errors, while maintaining a high speed. I was a UIL typer in high school and have been typing since I was in middle school (many eons ago). I used to type EVERYTHING that ANYONE said. My husband (when we were dating) thought I had a twitching problem because my fingers were always moving. At least, until I explained that I was typing everything he was saying. I’ve had jobs where I’ve had to type lengthy conversations with clients while on the phone with them (to be used later as evidence in court hearings, EEOC hearings, etc.). Needless to say, my typing skills have come in quite handy over the years. I think that’s why I place such a high importance in learning this very useful skill.

Let me get back on track.

Once I signed into this program, the material itself was broken down into many different modules. The best place to start this program with the Course Introduction, which explains how to use this program, instructions on how to play the music while typing (which Mr. Kimball highly recommends), and even the student packet which contains the testing materials. By the way, Mr. Kimball (aka The Typing Coach) highly encourages students to listen to music while typing. I also believe that it helps focus the student on the matter at hand. Plus, music is just awesome.

The Younger & Special Ed Students have a section of their very own with slower-paced lessons. The audio lessons are very helpful and are definitely slower-paced. I can see how these would be useful.

After having been through a few typing classes myself, I like the way that The Typing Coach is set up. It’s practical and systematic and each lessons builds upon itself, starting with the basics of good posture.

typing coach review 2

There are many lessons and practice opportunities within this program. I highly recommend that your student NOT progress until the current level is mastered. Completely. If your student can’t manage the home row, then she should not progress to the top row. Each row gets a little more difficult, especially when the number row is added. Trust me. I know. As with anything, practice, practice, practice.

When your student is ready for testing, you (as the parent/teacher) can set up a test based on the level your child is on, the length of time (1, 3, 5 minutes, etc.). You can register so that you have a running report of how your student is progressing. But, each report is also sent to you via email if you decide not to register. You can keep these emails for reference later on.

typing coach review

As you can see, I need practice. 🙂 My once 90 wpm is now at a mere 50 wpm with several errors. This was my first attempt at testing using this program.

I have since tested several other times and while my errors are still higher than what The Typing Coach allows, my wpm is actually increasing (last test was at 67 wpm). Accuracy is just as important as speed, if not more so. With that in mind, I’m going to continue on my quest to do better. (As a side note, it helps to keep your fingernails trimmed in order to have proper hand placement…and to keep your fingers from hitting the wrong keys…just saying.)

Final Thoughts

Everyone needs typing practice, whether you’ve been typing for years or are just learning how. It’s a great way to enhance your skills. For that reason, it’s well worth the $17 per person per year for learning how to type, or honing your skills.

Overall, I really enjoyed this program. The audio lessons are entertaining and I’m re-learning to type the right now. Apparently I’ve created some bad habits that have been unearthed in this program. Thanks, Typing Coach for your help!

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