why in the world do I blog?I was making homemade bread crumbs today and as I was breaking apart the dried bread and pulsing it in the grinder, I started wondering, why do I blog? Why do I really maintain this website? Is it to reach out to others like me? To educate? To train? To show that there ways to become more frugal and self-reliant than one thinks? Yes to all of these questions, but it’s also more than that.

why in the world do I blog?What happens if I die at an early age? I’m not planning on it, but I’m also aware that I’m not guaranteed a single moment on this earth. My life is in the Lord’s hands and when He calls me home, well, it’s time for me to go. But, I consider this blog to be a legacy to my children and my husband, a life long journey of love wrapped up in recipes, my thoughts, how I manage our home, my successes, and my failures.

I blog, not just for me, but for Lauren, James, and Johnny. I blog so that Lauren can find the recipes we’ve used for our family for years, so that she and James can both process a deer, so that they can see there is a way for me to teach them, even when I’m not here. (Once a homeschooling mama, always a homeschooling mama).

I want my children to be self-reliant when they can. Of course, they won’t always be reliant on themselves, but at least they wouldn’t be starting from scratch, trying to figure out what to do, what to cook, or how I did things. As you know, homes don’t run themselves. It’s my job to make it run efficiently using what I have. Maybe they won’t want to live as we have once they get out on their own. It hasn’t been easy living in a small home, but it’s been a home full of love, passions, adventures, and so much more. It’s not a palace, but it’s our home (which is worth so much more than any palace ever could be).

I hope they take these things that we’ve learned together (canning, processing a deer, killing and processing chickens, raising labs, training labs, growing a garden, etc.) and use them in the future. It’s my hope that they don’t forget all that we’ve been through, but if they do, then perhaps this website can fill in the gaps.

I love my family. I love the time I’ve lived here in Liberty Hill. It hasn’t always been easy but we’ve made it work. I can’t imagine a better environment to raise our family, in our cozy little home on the hill. I only pray that I can continue on with this blog for as long as the Lord lets me live on His little blue planet. So, I write and write some more … all to give to pass on to family.