Who says dryer sheets need to be just for laundry? Here are some really good tips on other ways to use dryer sheets (and ways to use used sheets):

  1. Dusting: Wipe the sheets on blinds, furniture, TV screen, computer monitor, ceiling fans, car interiors to help keep dust away and also to add a fresh scent in your home.
  2. Bug repellent: Stash a dryer sheet in your pocket when you’re outside and it will help deter bugs from biting you. Keep a few under the cushions of outdoor furniture or in baskets outside to help repel the bugs from the area where people like to congregate.
  3. Static-free clothes: Rub a dryer sheet on your clothes to remove static cling.
  4. Car Freshener: Store sheets in the glove box, under the floor mats, between the seats and anywhere else you can find. When the sun heats the car’s interior during the day the scent will help your car smell fresh and clean.
  5. Sachet: Place a dryer sheet in each dresser drawer to help your clothes retain that “just washed” smell.
  6. Thread Detangler: Run a threaded needle through a dryer sheet to help prevent tangles. Add one or two to your sewing kit.
  7. Book Deodorizer: Store a sheet in the pages of a book to help deter the musty scent often found in older books.
  8. Soap Scum Remover: Add a few drops of water to a fabric sheet and scrub soap scum away on glass shower doors.
  9. Reuse: Use it again in the dryer! 
  10. Mop Sheet: Using several layers, adhere them to the head of a Swiffer mop (or a similar mopping system) like you would a Swiffer sheet. They are great at picking up lint, hair and dirt from the floor.
  11. Deodorizer: Store in luggage, drawers, shoes, hamper, clothes closet, linen closet or other enclosed spaces to help retain a fresh smell in these closed-off areas.
  12. Clean Chrome: Using a used dryer sheet, rub down faucets, shower heads, bumpers, etc. to instantly clean chrome and bring back its shine.
  13. Remove Hair: To clean up strands of hair, run a used dryer sheet over the hair and the dryer sheet will pick it up.
  14. Fire starter: Fill an empty toilet paper roll with used dryer sheets and dryer lint. Fold the ends in and use to start fires in your wood stove, camp fire or fireplace.
  15. Powder spills: When you spill flour, baby powder or other powdery substance, use a dryer sheet to pick up the mess. The sheet attracts the small particles allowing for an easier clean-up.
  16. Deodorant marks: Don’t worry if you get deodorant marks on your favorite shirt. Rub a dryer sheet over the area and they will come right off.
  17. Iron cleaner: On low heat, iron a dryer sheet to remove any build-up on the iron.
  18. Stray crayon marks: For crayon markings on the walls or furniture, rub the spot with a dryer sheet to remove the unwanted marks.
  19. Clean baseboards: Rub a dryer sheet over baseboards to remove dust and hair. The sheets also help to repel dust in the future. This helps to keep baseboards clean on a regular basis (if you wipe them down every so often).
  20. Flower pot filler: Stuff a used dryer sheet in the drainage hole of a flower pot to keep the soil from falling out.

Another way to save money is to make your own reusable dryer sheets.

1 part fabric softener (even homemade fabric softener would work)
1 part water
Rags, sponges or washcloths

Mix the fabric softener and water in a medium container. Add the rags, sponges or washcloths. Make sure the liquid covers the rags.

When it’s time to dry a load of clothes, pull out a rag, wring all the excess water out of it and toss it in the dryer. When the clothes are dry, add it back to the container of fabric softener for the next time.