One of the joys of my life is cooking for my family. What a privilege it has been to review Everyday Homemaking’s cookbook, Everyday Cooking. The recipes are easy to follow and really don’t require a lot of additional unique ingredients. At the end of the day, who doesn’t enjoy a hot, home cooked meal?

everyday cooking

General Overview

  • Price: $19.99
  • Your choice of two covers: either blue or pink (content is identical though)
  • 198 pages
  • Coil bound, physical cookbook with a glossy cover

We received the digital version of the cookbook so I cannot comment on what the physical book looks like. However, I can say that we have used quite a few of the recipes from the digital version and they have each been fantastic.

How We Used This Product

My children both love to cook. Lauren loves to bake and James enjoys cooking. I asked them each to pick out a recipe so Lauren made Dad’s Yellow Cake with a Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

everyday cooking

As you can tell in the photos above, Lauren really enjoyed the finger-licking good chocolate frosting. 🙂

Lauren’s thoughts:

The instructions were easy to follow. The recipe was really good.

I made Mom’s Roast. I added a few additional seasonings to the recipe (like salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper), but overall it was really easy. I usually make potatoes with a roast but we’re trying to eat less carbs so I cut those out and simply made carrots and green beans as side dishes. Also, there was plenty of gravy to cover the carrots. It was a great meal and one my family hopes I make again…real soon.

While the roast was cooking I had ground beef thawed in the refrigerator so I turned those into meatballs and baked those at the same time (for a meal later this week) while the oven was hot. With those dishes in the oven, I prepared a salad for the week, cut up a watermelon, carrots, bell pepper, and celery for meals and snacks. I prepared for the week’s meals using her suggestions and it worked. I feel like my refrigerator is organized and cooking meals this week should take a lot less time – regardless of whether it’s me cooking or one of the kids.

everyday cooking

In reviewing the cookbook myself, I really enjoyed the hints and tips that Vicki (the author) sprinkles throughout the cookbook. The meals aren’t complicated. They are easy enough to prepare at the end of a long day without adding extra stress about getting dinner on the table in a timely fashion. She provides some gluten-free recipes as well as healthier alternatives to using sugar, fat, etc. I think that’s helpful as well for those families who are trying to eat better (or who may have food sensitivities).

At the beginning of the cookbook there are several suggestions on ways to stretch food and tips on food prep to make it easier to get dinner on the table during the week. I especially like (and appreciate) the tips on cooking in bulk (like rice) at the beginning of the week and then ways to use it in recipes during the week. The same is true for her suggestions for stretching chicken and other meats to last more than one meal. Her little hints are also highlighted in gray boxes throughout the entire cookbook, in addition to a few pages at the beginning.

I love recipes, but I also appreciate ideas on new ways to incorporate new ideas into the same old thing – like breakfast. For us, a lot of times we’ll have yogurt or eggs and bacon or even just cereal. There’s an entire breakfast section which is just we need in our family to liven up that first meal of the day.

Once you get through all the recipes in the book (and there are a ton of them), you’ll find an index that covers gluten free pantry helpers, basic measurements and helps, meal planning and shopping hints, a sample menu (and a blank one for you to complete), slow cookers vs. pressure cookers, and so much more. PLUS (because you know us homeschoolers always have to LEARN something) a Food and Nutrition Mini Unit for students!. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think Everyday Cooking would be a GREAT gift to someone who is moving out on their own. It has TONS of tips to help any new cook. So, if you know someone who has recently married, moved out on his/her own, or is just looking for down home cooking with normal ingredients, I would highly recommend this book. Or, if you just want to add to your child’s hope chest, this is a must have book. Seriously.

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