Such a simple word with a whole lot of meaning.


Embrace the day and what it brings. Joy or sorrow. Craziness or peace.

Embrace the Lord. After all He is the one who created you and sent His Son to die for you.

Embrace the life you live. It’s yours – all the choices, mistakes, success, and failures. Those life moments have made you who you are today. Which leads me to…

Embrace yourself. God made you and has a plan for you. You’re not perfect. You’re sinful and unclean by yourself. But with God…you are justified and sanctified…made whole again and perfect in His eyes through the blood of Jesus.

Embrace those around you. Hold on to them. Tell them you love them each and every day. Don’t withhold your love or words of blessings because you are angry or holding a grudge. Let those things go and hold them tight for you may not have another chance.

Embrace your mistakes. Crazy, I know. But realize that mistakes are a better teacher than your successes. It’s when we fail that we learn how to get up and push on.

Now you know the word of today for Five Minute Friday. What is Five Minute Friday? It’s the opportunity a few bloggers take each Friday to write about ONE thing, ONE word, for five minutes. Nonstop writing. First thoughts, first emotions, one word. Here’s what others wrote about this week on this topic.