My dad recently gave me a few things from his sister, my Aunt Alma, who died almost two years ago. She was such a sweet lady and led an adventurous life with her husband, Billy. One of the things he gave us was a Mexican purse that Alma had for many years. I didn’t really know what to do with the purse as it’s not something I would typically carry (although it’s very cute). I just prefer a purse with a zipper or a closure so that my wallet doesn’t fall out (as has happened before with a similar-style purse). Anyway, I really needed a clothespin hanger and pondered how I could utilize Alma’s purse for this. First, I stitched up the hole in the interior seam that had been torn. To make a handle that would wrap around the clothesline without falling off or could be removed from the line completely, I cut some bailing wire and stuck it through both handles, wrapped it around the purse straps, closed the loop by twisting the wire ends together and then simply bent the wire backwards to fit over the wire. I’ve attached pictures so you can see. I think it turned out beautifully. I think Aunt Alma would be pleased that I was able to re-use something of hers in a new way.