how to debone-a-deer

If you’ve been wondering how to de-bone a deer, this is the post for you. But, before I even go any further, please note that some of these pictures are of a dead deer. Sorry, but de-boning a deer requires the deer to be dead. So, if you’re squeamish, you might not want to read any further. My hubby does all of the “outside” work when it comes cleaning the deer and the kids and I handle the actual processing of it (turning it into usable cuts of meat). James, now 15, is starting to learn the process of cleaning the deer, so I imagine in the next few years he’ll be doing just as much as his dad. 🙂

Before beginning, have all your tools and space set up inside where you will be processing the meat. It makes everything go so much smoother when the meat is brought in.


how to de-bone a deer
Johnny has already skinned the deer and is working on removing the backstrap (which is the best part of the deer).



how to de-bone a deer
Back inside, I’ve prepared my work space next to the sink. The first part in processing a deer is to wash it with water to remove any leaves or other debris, excess blood and the bones.



how to de-bone a deer
The smaller pieces are brought to me in a big tub (the backstrap, tenderloins, flanks, etc.). Do you see the dark blotches of blood? I wash those away during this process.



how to de-bone a deer
The backstrap runs down either side of a deer’s spine. It is extremely tender. One of our favorite meals is fried backstrap, mashed potatoes and green beans. Anyway, I digress. At this point, I carefully remove the membrane with a sharp knife. The best time to do this is when the meat is partially frozen as the membrane is easier to remove.



processing venison
De-boning a leg. I saw this on Martha Stewart one day and thought it was brilliant. Find where the bone is in the leg. Starting at the end where the bone is closest to the skin, slice the meat right above the bone. Try not to hit the bone with your knife as this will dull it.
how to de-bone a deer
Slowly, and with short strokes, carefully cut through the meat until you get close to the bone. As you get closer to it, the meat will spread open. At this point, simply work your way around the bone cutting the meat next to the bone. Eventually you’ll work your way around and can remove the bone.


how to de-bone a deer


how to de-bone a deer


how to de-bone a deer



Once the legs have been de-boned and all the meat has been washed and cleaned, wrap each piece in freezer paper, tape the ends and place it all in the freezer.

Now that this part is done, wash your utensils, clean up your work area and sit back and relax for a bit.

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