You might think I’ve lost my mind, but I’ve really been thinking about this lately. I hear a lot of wives and moms call it the bane of their existence, a never-ending pile of work. I don’t have a beautiful laundry room, nor do I have ample space to have one. We live in a small cabin on the hill and my back porch serves as my laundry room. It’s always airy and smells of sunshine and spring, or winter and cedar trees. But, we never hear the dryer going in winter or rainy days, and I can start a load anytime without it bothering anyone (especially early in the morning).

But, think about it, what does having load after load of laundry really mean?

To me, laundry is a blessing for several reasons. First, laundry is created by the use of clothing or towels. That means there’s someone in the house besides me…someone who needs caring, tending to, or even just a hug or kiss from me. I’m neither alone nor am I lonely. I have a home full of children, a husband, and 11 puppies and 2 dogs (who get dirty and need to be washed and dried when they get muddy).

Second, every week I get the opportunity to spend time outdoors (when the weather’s nice) to hang my clothes on the line. It’s my quiet time because in all honesty, no one wants to help me with laundry. Oh, the kiddos are fully trained in how to do laundry, and they’ll do it if asked, but most of the time I am the laundress of the house. And honestly, that’s okay. One day they’ll have their own homes and will be taking care of their own laundry. But for now, it’s my sweet responsibility.

Third, I get the chance to check out my family’s clothes. If there are garments that are too far gone to be worn anymore, I can pull those out once they’re dried and set them aside to cut up into rags. I get the chance to see what needs mending and what may need to be replaced (like socks and undies). It’s my weekly reconnaissance mission to make sure my family looks their best.

And on those days when I don’t feel like washing clothes, I leave it for another day. After all, it’s not like it’s going anywhere and is always a reminder of the family I love and care for.  What more could I ask for? Well, the only thing I would ask is that the kids pick their clothes off the floor. 🙂

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