Learn how to make propolis tincture! Propolis is the “glue” that bees make to fill in the gaps or small spaces in their hives.  It is this glue that makes it difficult to separate the hive boxes when Johnny and James inspect the hives.  The amazing thing about propolis is that it is believed to have many healing properties:

  • Antimicrobial (antibiotic and antifungal properties)
  • Emollient (treating skin burns)
  • Dental antiplaque agent (may protect against canker sores and other forms of oral disease due to its antimicrobial properties)
With this in mind, one of our beekeeper association members uses the following tincture to help with abrasions, cuts and stings:
Collect the clean Propolis in a mason jar.  Cover approximately 2 inches above the Propolis with Everclear, a pure 100 proof grain alcohol.  Allow to sit for a week to start, tightly capped of course.  Shake the jar every few days.  Notice that the solution will separate.  Add a little more alcohol as needed.  This will make tincture.  Do not add too much or the saturation point will be absorbed and you will need more Propolis. What I usually end up with is approximately 4” of deep brown tincture sitting on top of about 2” of a milky substance.  Use a very small siphon tube to draw off the pure tincture (the top layer).  Store tightly closed until you collect enough to bottle. Add more alcoholto the milky substance and the process starts again.
I just finished our first batch and believe it or not … it works!!  James, Lauren and I have each tried it on our own boo-boos and they healed within a day or so.  If you’re interested in some of this Propolis Tincture, let me know.  I’ll have more ready within the next few weeks.