Nothing. How many times have you heard that one word in your life?

n is for nothing

What are you doing?


What are you thinking?


What’s in the bag?


What do you have planned for today?


What are you working on?

I’m not even going to say it. We’ve all heard it again and again and again.

Yep. It’s a word that comes around and around and around. I’m tired of this word. Seriously. We are always doing, thinking, planning, or working on something! It’s a generic word for when we don’t want to communicate or interact with others.

I have a challenge for you. Let’s remove this word from our vocabulary. Completely. Instead of saying this word, perhaps we could actually share our thoughts, our feelings, our inner turmoils and outer joys.

So, the next time someone asks, What are you doing? Say SOMETHING! Here’s what I have to say about that one 7-letter word:


Yeah, I had to look up that last word – great opportunity for a little dictionary work. 🙂

Okay. I’m finished. So, the next time someone says this little word to you, tell them what that word really stands for (refer to the above definition). Thank you very much.

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