I’m a REALTORĀ® with Keller Williams Realty in Georgetown, Texas. My goal is to help others find that dream property, whether it’s a half acre right outside of town or unrestricted property in the country. Looking for real estate for homesteaders is right up my alley. After all I love real estate and I love homesteading. I get it.

real estate for homesteaders

As a homesteader, there are many things to consider when purchasing a property. For example:

  • Look for land that has a well and/or septic already installed and working. The cost of adding a septic in this area can be as low as $5000 or as high as $25,000 depending on soil quality, property location, county codes, etc. Wells in our area can run as high as $25,000 as well as the water table is about 800′ below the soil surface. If you’re close to a town you might be able to connect to city water/sewer but you may encounter fees for tap-in and impact.
  • If you’re planning on farming, then consider the soil itself. East of IH35 the land is black dirt and great for farming. West of IH35 and you’ll run into solid rock and limestone. It’s actually great for ranching. If you live in a different, know the lay of the land. Check out the soil and topography of the land to see what the land is best suited for. If it doesn’t work for what you want to do then it’s sometimes best to just find something that will fit your needs.
  • Restrictions are another big factor when homesteading. Consider areas that have no restrictions, but be prepared for ANYTHING. Can you have chickens? Farm animals? Put up a clothesline? Can you put up a fence where you want to have a fence or have livestock of any kind? Is there a number of livestock you can’t exceed? These are just a few things to consider.
  • Are you getting a great price for the amount of land?
  • Does it have trees? Do you want trees?
  • Is it capable of getting an agriculture exemption on your taxes? This is something you can check with your county.

All of these factors determine if you have found the right place. You need to figure out what you want and where you want to purchase. To make this an easier process:

  • Contact a lender to see what you can qualify for. If you’re purchasing raw land, most lenders do not work with land loans so you’ll need to contact a farm and ranch lender/bank.
  • Typically you’ll need at least 20% down for raw land. If you plan on rolling in a septic/well with the purchase, then it’ll be 20% down for ALL of it (land, septic and well).
  • If you’re purchasing a property with a home already on it, contact a lender. If you don’t know one, contact me, I can put you in touch with several. They will have various programs available to you and can set you on the right path of finding the right loan for your needs and circumstances.

I hope these tips help! Contact me if you have any questions or would like to view properties in the Austin, Texas area. Remember, real estate for homesteaders can be an easy process. I do recommend hiring a REALTORĀ®, though, as she (or he) can really help the process become easier.

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