We went through the kids’ clothes last week in preparation for fall/winter clothes. It’s only early August and 100 degrees but we are all ready for cooler weather! Last spring I modified some of the kids’ clothes. James’ jeans became jean shorts and Lauren’s winter shirts became short-sleeve summer tees.

As I went through Lauren’s clothes, one of her sweatshirts had a stain on it. Rather than dyeing it or turning it into rags, I cut out a few hearts and sewed them on with a blanket-stitch. James outgrew one of his blue sweatshirts but it was a little too “boyish” for Lauren. So, I found a cat picture online, printed it, traced it onto butcher paper (the rough side), cut it out again and ironed the butcher-paper kitty onto the fabric.

I sewed it with a simple stitch, ¼” border onto the front of the sweatshirt. As we wash and dry it the kitty should fray around the edges making it a little fuzzy…perfect for Lauren!

With a few simple sewing tricks, I have been able to save two sweatshirts! Little things like this will help us to keep more money in our pockets as we get ready to buy fall/winter clothes in the next month or two.